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Ah, yes, that website is horrible. I had a very nice looking website design up that looked similar to other professional stove websites, but Charlie said he did not know how to modify it so he used frontpage or something and created some early 1990’s looking page. I was really dismayed at putting the time in to make a nice looking one then seeing him take a huge step backwards, but he is the project founder on the stove so I just let him figure it out.

You should send him an email and ask him if he wants help with the website, he would probably pay you to keep it looking nice. I think they are starting to make money with the stove, which was my goal. The stove really works nice so I was helping them get the stove demo’s and such done. I helped with the engineering and getting the files to the Cnc machine shop so they could start producing them.

I am fairly close on getting the Small and medium sized Battery reconditioners in production. The power supply design is what I am working on right now. I am just a one man show so it takes me a long time to get engineering done. If I could work on it full time it would be a breeze, but I would need to get it put up on Kickstarter or something in order for me to do that.