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Let me offer some articles

I don’t really talk about how much things cost in reality. I do some though. Its not cheap, usually only doing without is cheap. I recommend some books that can help with some cost estimating especially “Solar Living Source book”.

Cheaper land is not always better. If you are too far from a city that can be a big disadvantage. I find shopping for land to be difficult and you will need anywhere from $2000 to $5000 or more cash in hand if possible. This is just for expenses in getting the deal done and down payment money. You may need Title search, Survey and other expenses that crop up just before you go to buy that the seller is unwilling to pay. I priced title work not long ago at $500 and a survey at $400. Then will you need money for putting in a culvert and drive way? or anything else? For clearing the path for a drive and the place to erect the structure? Will your structure need to have a good pad built up?

As my friend Dave Ramsey suggest, buy a $3000 mobile home (don’t forget additional setup cost) and live in that while you build something else. If you can’t even afford that, then maybe a $1000 camper? or a $2000 well used school bus? The school bus plan is a good one and it can be moved from shade to sun and sun to shade if needed.

If you intend to start cheap and live in what you are building then be prepared to live poor for a long while. I talk on my blog about earth ship houses, other earthen houses such as earth bag, I talk about using metal sea containers(those are not cheap either).

One thing is for sure, being debt free to begin with will be the biggest

accelerant on this project. If you have debt you will feel like sand bags are attached to you ankles in a swimming event. Having said that, some have used credit cards to get their earth ship built because bank’s won’t loan for such a project. Though I guess what I’m saying is don’t go into it with maxed or any credit card debt and other debt. Debt is a crazy thing that I can’t recommend to anyone right now though.