Off Grid Home Forums Re: let’s cut the cord


I echo Dustoffer’s words and would add that his words “Don’t be too hard on those who have a faith that is peaceful” should be given consideration. Notwith standing the OP derogatory reference to religion, keep in mind that few man made communities exccept those built around some common theology has survived the test of time. It sounds like OP had a bad experience with some branch of a religious group. But don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

I too had a bad experience some 40 years ago that caused me to turn my back on the church but recent events have proved not all denominations are bad.

Small towns are more likely to have charitable and well meaning people willing to help each other that those living in proximity to big city contamination.

This is not a place for testimonials but check it out before condemning these people out of hand. That is simply perpetuating the vary prejudice and bigotry you seek to avoid by moving away from big cities and going off-grid. Building sustainable communities is a delicate art. Only a few organizations know how to do it right so it perpetuates itself.