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Hey Truthseeker

I am a young man that has traveled the world and only realized what i was seeking when i got back home. I was seeking out people who thought like me. People who are not shallow, idiotic, reality tv junkies. I was seeking the kind of people who wanted to help one another rather than be selfish. The kind of people who are not afraid to ask for help or even the kind of community where you do not feel like you own somebody if you borrow their tools for an hour or feel like you cant ask them. This selfish one man society is a mess.

When the recession hit I was happy as I though it might bring people together but all I have seen is people fending more for themselves only. It made me lose what faith I had left in humanity. I am now here in the US at the beginning of another journey. I have decided to cut as much of this fake person society out so that i can prepare myself to move off-grid once I have sufficient savings. Every cent is being focused on this and my partner does the same. I cannot wait until the time when I can do this but first I must build a community here so we can support each other in our endeavor to get off the grid. A friends family lives here and they are going to also.

If they could do it less than 100 years ago whats stopping us now ?