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Deb, I understand completely, though I don’t think mine is quite as active as yours is… I have been using clicker training with her and it’s working great, I make her wear a leash to do the training, something she obviously never did before, the first few times she would run in a mad circle biting the lead and pulling so hard, she didn’t like it at all. But by the 3rd time, she was tolerating the leash, I had to stop her from biting the lead, that is their way of trying to be dominant (in control). Today I took her for a walk with the leash for the first time, a real walk, she did so good, I took the clicker and each time she was walking beside me and not pulling (back or forward) I clicked and told her she was a good girl. She is totally worn out now, laying on the end of my bed. You can get a clicker at any pet supply store (Petco and such), or you can get it on Amazon

that’s where I got mine (it’s inexpensive) and they have some good and free on line training.

What kind of dog is yours?