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Clicking on your name yields going to a Phoenix based company with several unwanted cookies put on. Selling a $96 DVD on making the turbo generator that alone costs $500 in materials. Plus the materials to build a solar thermal high pressure water, or other fluid to drive the turbo generator, system.

I know that making turbines for high speed requires machining and balancing tools, so you would have to get them, too. I wonder about the actual total cost for tools, materials, and the man-hours required, plus if it passes codes, noise level, etc. Why don’t we see such systems for sale, complete, with DIY installation/partial assembly?? You would think that places like Real Goods would carry them.

Even the DIY DVDs and pamphlets for solar panels can be got at as low as $37. But the main thing with both is the profits are from selling top buck DVDs. I am skeptical of such profiteering flim flams.