Off Grid Home Forums Re: Finding county land auction & undeveloped land


Should be plenty in that state, issue is, it’s hard to compete with developers, especially in the current buyers market we have. Your absolute best option is find private sellers looking to sell their land themselves to the right people. In my area of Alabama, there are parcels of for sale by owner lands that have gone unsold simply because the owners respect for their neighbors keep them from giving in to developers and selling. They would rather sell to a private person looking for a home and land rather than make big profit from developers only to have them come in and break it up into small parcels and develop a big community on it. Once you do that it’s only a matter of time before the community and it’s occupants start influencing their way of life in an unwelcomed way. We have the disaster that was Hamptons Cove around Huntsville that has just short of crushed the farmers in the area even causing many of them to sell of and leave because the money in the development influenced policy, Huntsville zoned out to include the Cove and surrounding properties and the farmers got SCREWED. That’s left a VERY bitter taste in many locals mouths. Hamptons Cove is beloved by the wanna be rich people and very wealthy that live in it, and absolutely despised by others for the effect it had on the surrounding farming community. But what do they care? They got their big nice houses and massive golf course out of it all no matter who they screwed to do it.

An auction is unlikely to benefit you when you are competing with people that can afford to pay $100k more than you for the same land simply because they plan to put up a nice fence and gate to the roadway break it all up into $50,000 one acre lots, call it an upscale gated community and make a mint when or if the market recovers.