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Helena there is a swedish company that specializes in providing fridges and freezers for boats and RV. Their product uses Danfoss compressors which are considered among the world’s most efficient units they run on 12V DC as or domestic voltages such as 230V

I had posted a link to the company website directly but some admin person must have removed it thinking it was spam advertising.

One of the popular brands of refrigerators is called Tundra. It is exceptionally quiet when running and uses very little power.

Another company that makes DIY systems is called Frig-o-Boat. They sell holding plate systems. For boats they useevaporator.

I think you can adapt a Dometic unit most easily. Contact Dometic HQ and see what they can offer. considering what happened to my previous post I dare not include a link but its dometic (dot) com

Good luck from a fellow scandinavian.