Off Grid Home Forums Re: DC power adaptors: voltage too high – sorry about the typo’s – iPhone!


Typical DC “wall wart” power cube/supplies are not regulated, or at least not regulated well. Most ofthe ones I have when tested not plugged into a device they are intended to power will read that high.

IE a placarded 12 volt suppy may read 15 volts, or higher. It is nothing to do with it being modified sine wave inverter.

However, Some power adapters, and a lot of chinese,let me rephrase that, poorly designed low cost “things” will fry in short time on a modified sine inverter.

I have purchased items that worked fine and I have also purchased items that fried in the matter of hours on a modified sine inverter.

I finally last week bit the bullet and retired my trace DR2412(modified sine wave) after +12 years(I lost track of how long I have had it). Replaced it with a Magnum Sine 2800.

II ran just about everything on that DR2412, some stuff was noisy electric motors especially but I never blew up anything expensive with it. It always seemed to be the <$10 wall wart devices that fried.


marshall, il