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Years ago at the Free festivals I met a Dutch guy who baked bread every morning in a 45gallon drum laid on its side with the earth dug from around it and piled over it and the fire placed under it. It needed a very small fire in comparison to the size fo the oven and he made delicious bread and pizza and jacket spuds. I have seen similar ovens since but none as efficient as his design. The nice thing is that once finished you replace the turf and all you have is a small area of charred earth and a few dry turfs. I have never had need of such a construction so haven’t tried but as and when I find need I am sure I will be able to replicate it. And if propane reaches the £2/kg expected by the end of 2010 then I suspect I shall be building one. Mind you I hope to be somewhere else by that time as My experiments on this bit of land are close to complete and I am keen to move to the sun. No amount of off-grid technology can help arthritis!!!