Off Grid Home Forums Re: Are AA/AAA’s ever better than wired devices?


In your on grid as well as your off-grid homes, you have to watch for phantom loads, assume that everything that is plugged in is drawing power whether or not it is turned on, including the power strips, I use lots of power strips in my off-grid home, each one has an on and off switch so I can turn them off, therefore cutting all power from anything that may be plugged into the strip, BUT the strip itself had a tiny little light inside the switch, so even if nothing is plugged in, if the power strip is turned on, IT is consuming power.

Also be aware of any wall wart, those big, clunky transformers that usually take up 2 spaces on your power strip, even if you aren’t using the item that it is plugged to, the wall wart itself can be drawing power, feel them when you aren’t using it but while it is plugged in, is it warm? That means it’s consuming power. Every little bit helps.