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People, it’s time to stock up on what you can now, things aren’t getting any better, and our money is losing value every day. The best way to maintain the value of the money you have now is to go ahead and buy the things you need now, you can just about guarantee that what you buy now will be going up in price in the near future.

A couple of things I have stocked up on is food and medicine. These are things you will be using no matter what. One that I buy in bulk (and it’s pretty good for you as well as tasty) is dehydrated refried beans, Emergency Food Supply Precooked Dehydrated Pinto Beans, of course if you are looking for a smaller quantity try this Fantastic Foods Instant Refried Beans Bulk Mix, 3.33-Pound Bags (pack of 3) or this Leonard Mountain Precooked And Freeze Dried Pinto Beans, 6-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6). What I like about the dehydrated refried beans, they are already cooked, saving alot of time and fuel, all you do is pour the amount you want to eat into a pan, add an equal amount of water, heat and eat, there are many ways you can enjoy refried beans, add some rice and you have a complete protein as well as a tasty, healthy meal.

If you want to add some meat to that, try this Canned Boneless Ground Beef, I have personally eaten this and it is very good, good taste and texture. Don’t forget about cheese, you can store these on the shelf with no worries, Bega Canned Autralian Processed Cheese 10 cans and 5 Kraft Cheese in can Cheddar Cheese.

All of these foods are shelf stable, they don’t need refrigeration, the meat and cheese of course do need refrigeration AFTER you open them if you don’t eat all of it, the nice thing about the cheese and meat is chances are you will eat the whole can and will not have any leftovers to worry about.


The other thing I mentioned is medicine, specifically antibiotics. These are a little more tricky to obtain. If you can get your doctor to prescribe some for you, then go for it. Chances are you will have to obtain your antibiotics another way. Be sure to EDUCATE yourself before taking any medicine, if you are allergic to anything listed below, then DON’T do this, know beforehand if you can safely take these. Do not abuse antibiotics, that is to say, don’t take them at the drop of a hat or the first sniffle, know if you really have a bacterial infection, don’t take it if you only have a virus, antibiotics will not have any affect on viruses. Also, if you do determine that you have a bacterial infection, be sure to take a full course of the antibiotics, don’t stop halfway through just because you feel better, this will cause more harm than good. Taking antibiotics too often, or not taking the full course when you do need them will cause the bacteria to become stronger, you are killing the weaker bacteria and allowing the stronger ones to survive and multiply, potentially creating super bugs that require stronger antibiotics to deal with it.

If you can’t get an extra prescription from your doctor, dentist or friendly vet, then you can get antibiotics for fish tanks. These are the same pills you would be getting from your pharmacy, without the doctor bill and prescription, do a Google search for this, you will find that many people use fish antibiotics with no ill effects. I have some for my own use, I hope to never use them, but like good insurance, if I ever need them, I’ll have them. Here are a few that you might consider:

Fish Mox Forte 500 (Amoxocillin)
Fish Flex Forte (Keflex Cephalexin)
Fish Pen Forte (Penicillin).
There are other antibiotics for fish that humans can take but these should cover most infections you may get.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK, this isn’t rocket science, but you do need to know the proper dosage for your body weight, and how long to take them. This is not meant to replace your doctor, if you are sick, and either have insurance or can afford to see a doctor and get prescription medicine, then by all means do that. This is meant to be a backup, or for those who can’t afford to go to the doctor, and especially if/when TSHTF and there are no doctors to be seen. For me, this is a case of I can’t afford to go to the doctor for minor things, and it’s also meant as a backup in the SHTF situation. I don’t intend on using it unless I have to, in fact I was very sick during the month of December, I was down for 3 weeks. I considered using my amoxicillin, but I knew that what I had was a virus, plain and simple, the antibiotic would have not done anything for me, I didn’t have an infection nor did I develop one, so I didn’t use it.

If you aren’t sure about using medicine that doesn’t come from your local pharmacy, then you have two choices, research it until you are comfortable with it, or don’t do it at all. For what it’s worth, my neighbors are both in the medical field (one is a registered nurse and the other is an X-ray tech), and they approved what I am doing, I showed them the links above and asked questions, the answers I received assured me that I am doing the right thing.

It goes without saying that you need to keep these and all medicines put away out of reach of children. This is not meant to replace a doctors advice, I am not a doctor or medical professional, this is not meant as or to replace medical advice, this is not meant to diagnose or treat anything,  neither I nor the owners of this site nor anyone affiliated with this site are responsible for anything that may happen as a result of you reading and/or implementing the information in this article. This is strictly for educational purposes only, any action you take as a result of reading this article and/or clicking on the links above is your responsibility.

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  1. Personally, I think people should stay away from conventional medicine altogether. Antibiotics create superbugs and if civilization collapses the last thing we want are superbugs on the lose. I would try something like Tea Tree oil thats affective at killing bacteria.

    1. Kelli, I agree that we should use antibiotics as a last resort, I can’t remember the last time I took antibiotics or any other prescription medicine for that matter, we are talking over 20 years, that being said, there are times when it’s a necessary evil. I do believe that our doctors and big pharma have really poisoned the water for us by being all to eager to prescribe antibiotics for every little sniffle, that and the overuse of antibacterial soaps and lotions has made the population in general very weak. We do need to get back to letting our kids play in the dirt (gasp!) and stop being so germaphobic. Allow colds and viruses to run their course, as long as we are healthy to begin with, this makes our immune system even stronger.


  2. Thanks, Wretha. Good ideas. I’ve heard that while antibiotics kill harmful bacteria they also kill certain beneficial bacteria, depending on the particular antibiotic. Is this true? To remedy this and counter the negative side effects of antibiotics, probiotics such as acidophilus should be taken simultaneously so that our natural immunity capabilities are not completely destroyed. Ideally I would prefer my own immune system to be at its best especially if TSHTF.

    1. Casey, I have heard that too, can’t say it is a fact though, I agree that taking probiotics would help introduce helpful bacteria into your system. You are right, having a healthy immune system in the first place is preferable, at the least it would make anything you might encounter less able to affect you and possibly make infections shorter in duration. My feelings are to not take antibiotics unless absolutely necessary, not at every little sniffle, this way when you do need to take them, they will be more effective for you.


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