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One day, all this will be green

Although its announcements contain more than a tad of hype, a team of developers and scientists has announced plans to create an energy-efficient, environmentally progressive community called “Sky” on 571 forested acres near tiny Clarksville in Calhoun County, completely independent of mains water or power.

Houses would be oriented to avoid the summer sun, and would be heated or cooled using the Earth

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9 Responses to “Florida’s first eco-town takes shape”

  1. Linda Field

    Would like to know more about your community and what are the prices of any homes available 2-17-14. Florida

  2. Linda Field

    Would like to know more about your community and what are the prices of any homes available 2-17-14.

  3. Shadow Puppet

    I want to be apart of this community. How much are the homes and are there community fees? What are the homes constructed of?

  4. Patricia Hopkins

    I’m brokering artist who do wonderful Tiffany
    standard art. The community sounds wonderful.
    However, I’m having a hard time finding a place
    that does Not fluoridate the water. Seems the
    only places that can buck the industries that
    are pushing this poison are Palm Beach counties
    Like Boca Raton, Lantana & Lake Worth areas
    plus St. Petersburg. Any thoughts? Patty

  5. Vanessa Moreno

    Are there still homes or openings to begin a planning payment system. I am 19 years old, wanting to live away from a populated Miami, FL city for YEARS. It will be wonderful to join this community from the start and the beginning to an introduction for my generation.

    If there is a way for someone of my age to be able to join, please do send me an email.

    -Vanessa Moreno

  6. Charles A

    Wow everything sounds so inviting . Are there any homes still available? How can start the process if so ?

  7. Eric A Davis

    I love the thought of living here, ive been wanting to live off the grid for a while sick of all the fast paced world action and working we need to slow down and enjoy time with each other, i have had a decent sized garden for a long time and would love to join this community and be a part of one of the reasons it stays off the grid providing food for the surrounding clusters of houses via gardening, cattle, etc. maybe you already have this in which i would love to join your team and live in your community me and my wife that is

  8. Miss Guylaine Martel

    Are there available homes?
    Details would be appreciated.
    Just heard the term off-the-grid for the very first time. At last! I’m in.

  9. Sandy

    Are homes still available in this community? How much does a home cost? I have a Permaculture certificate, and would love to live in a community like this.


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