Fleece jackets for the cold snap

They may not be the statement jacket of the season, yet a fleece pullover or jacket is a great investment for your winter wardrobe. It could save you up to a hundred bucks in the first year of use alone – the extra layer can cut your heating bill when you are home as well as keep you warm when running out to meet friends.

There are many great fleece jackets out there, and the prices vary widely – the main differences are in the level of warmth they provide and how good they look.

One of the lowest priced on the market does both – looking good and having a high warmth level – at under $20 plus delivery, Dickies Men’s Polar Fleece, Dark Gray, Medium offers value.

Its not super-stylish, but its not ugly either.

Fleece jackets made with recycled plastics have been growing in popularity since they were introduced in the 1990s to make cozy, cold weather gear. The lightweight recycled plastic fabrics minimize bulk without compromising warmth.

Going up a price band or two, score a Puma fleece jacket for men or women for around $50. Check out Puma Women’s Full Zip Fleece, in Brilliant colors , Medium
Puma’s athletic collections are on the money for women who go from errands to spinning or yoga. There are plenty of cool jackets with funnel necks and asymmetrical closures, as well as print leggings and fluid harem-style pants that look stylish no matter what you’re doing.
Amongst the more expensive but better looking products, The Warm Up Fleece from Brooklyn-based brand Battenwear stands out. Designer Shinya Hasegawa, who previously worked at Woolrich Woolen Mills, takes his inspiration from late-sixties to early-eighties surf and outdoor culture. As a year-round East Coast surfer, Hasegawa is focused on creating warm clothes he can wear to the beach and on the train out to Montauk.
Battenwear’s fleece hits all the marks, taking the requisite materials (dense polyester fleece and cloth snap pocket) and combining them into a sportier new form. This jacket takes cues from old baseball jackets, hence the ribbed hem and cuffs, but the details also serve to keep in body warmth, lending the piece a more slender shape. The collar also lies flatter than on many similar jackets, which makes for a dressier look. The two-way zip front and zip pockets, retained from classic fleece styling, maintain ease of wear, so you’ve got the best of both worlds – outdoor utility and everyday versatility. [$215; indigoandcotton.com]

At the lower price point, there is also the
Harriton Men’s 8 oz Full-Zip Fleece Jacket M990 black Large and threre are several others in the mid-$20s.

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