Energy Alternatives

For a clear headed guide to alternative energy sources in a cold (UK) climate, visit Off the Grid.

Written by David Allender, who bought a remote house ten years ago and has steadily tested his way though each kind of alternative power, it tells you exactly which batteries to get for maximum reliability (Tungstone (now part of the Hawker group) – type YCP25) , or which is the best model of wind turbine. David is currently testing solar panels.

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  1. Hi David,

    I am in US way over in Washington state (top left of country). Have been told by many that PROVEN is one of the best in windpower – have you tested it yet? What do you know about it?
    Also…what have you tested so far on the solar panel front? Where I am is low on solar pwr for a fair amt of the year, so hi yield is important to me.

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