Elk encounter 3 years later


Those who have followed me for a few years should remember my elk encounter from about three years ago, it did quite a bit of damage, but PB was able to do “Bobbage” and make everything work again. Most of my front end was “customized” by that elk encounter 3 years ago, the air conditioner condenser and the radiator along with everything else up in the front area got pushed back about 4 inches, most of the hardware in there wasn’t attached to much anymore. And the 2 aforementioned items became concave where the elk body was cradled in the front of my truck. So replacing the concave radiator with a spiffy new flat one meant more customization by PB, also known as Bobbage, that magic he does when faced with a puzzle like this.

This is what an elk cow does to a radiator, the “encounter” actually happened in March of 2015, so all in all, that radiator has held up pretty well considering… It finally sprung a leak over the weekend, I was going to drive to one of my farther towns to work this morning when I discovered it was more than a small leak. Thank the Lord above that I didn’t end up on the side of the road. The auto parts house 2 towns over had a radiator in stock and I got it.

After getting home, PB started working on it, eventually most of the neighborhood ended up over here lending their hands, tools and lots of moral support. Now I can go to work tomorrow. I am truly fortunate to live in such a caring neighborhood. I am also thankful that I know enough to be able to confidently call the auto parts stores in town to get what I need. And I’m thankful that I have the kind of job where I can take off a day without causing too much trouble.Though some might consider this a run of bad luck, I think this new year is starting out pretty well.


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