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…and Scooters too….

One day, all garages will sell electricity like they do petrol.
Electric vehicles, especially electric single-person vehicles, are the wave of the future whether you are on-grid or off. Money-saving and clean burning, they can be charged from solar or wind-powered batteries, from a friend’s house when you are visiting, or even a pub or cafe, in return for a small payment.

On the next page is another electric buggy for sale (in the US only). For now, here are 136, carefully-researched links to sites specialising in electric cars, buggies and bikes for you to buy, rent or to discuss your electric powered vehicular options:

Electro Automotive
SolarSailor Benelux
EVT Mobil
e-Traction Europe
Open Source Velomobiles
Green Speed
Electric Bikes Northwest
Dahon Folding Electric Bikes
BionX Intelligent Bike
Solar Mobilityb0008g23p6-01-ahzq24zcrlrv1-_scmzzzzzzz_-1577833FamilyGoKarts Streaker D 812E Electric Start – BUY IT FROM AMAZON

Solar Water World
Feel Good Cars
Robert Q. Riley Enterprises
Solomon Technologies
Electric Vehicle Conversions of Australia
Granturismo Mobility
Zap World
Powabyke Electric Bikes
University Of New South Wales Solar Racing
Sunversy Electric Bikes
Solar Cycling
Electric Horse
Norwegian Electric Cars
Hellenic Institute Of Electric Vehicles
Portuguese Electric Vehicles Association
Electric Vehicles Thailand
eGO Electric Vehicles
English Electric Vehicles
It is Electric
Swiss Bike Flyer
International Human Powered Vehicle Association
Autos & Energies
KTA Services Inc
ElectroPortal LLC
REVA Electric Car
AC Electric Vehicles Ltd.
Electric Vehicle Association of Finland
EV Parts
Electric Vehicle Ltd.
Eco Power Technology
Area Azzurra Elettrica
Electric Propulsion Engineering
Solar Scooter
Kewet Buddy
Wilderness Energy Systems
Velomobiel (Norway)
North American Velomobilist net
Danish Electric Car Association
Electric Vehicles Finland
European Electric Road Vehicle Association
Association of European Cities interested in Electric Vehicles
Dutch Electric Vehicles Association
Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association
Megawatt Motorworks
Green Mobil
CSIRO Electrical Machines
Elektro Mobil
Swedish Electric Vehicles Associatio
City Electric Car
Global Electric Motorcars
ElBil Norge
Bellier Automotive
Arbeitskreis Elektromobile
Miljbil Grenland AS
EV Guide
EV1 Cars Club
Save the EV1 Cars
Driving the Future
Electric Drive Transportation Association
No Gas Organization
Venturi Electric Cars
Swiss Association for Electric and Efficient Vehicles
Swiss Electric Car Portal
China Electric Bikes
ExtraEnergy E. V.
CycleElectric International Consulting Group
Dongfeng Motor Company
Eco Taxi
Electric Car Club of Switzerland
Electric Car Rentals
New Ride
Electric Cycle
Future Bike
British Human Power Club
Solar Scooter
EVT Technology Company
Millennium Scooters
Slipstream Electric Bicycle Plans
Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa
Sparky, the Wind Powered Electric Vehicle
National Electric Drag Racing Association
Bluebird Automotive
Electric Transportation Solutions
Phoenix Motorcars
Alien Scooters
Blue Sky Scooters
Currie Technologies
Electric Vehicles Northwest
Electric Scooters
estelle ElectroBikes
Largo Scooters
Evergreen Mini
Saturn Cars Coverted to Electric
Keio Advanced Zero-Emission Vehicle
Electric Transit
Shuttle Bus
Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd
Technical Bikes
Les vehicules lectriques
Spain Electric Vehicle Association
Shang Wei EV Tech
Electric Car Links – didik.com
Vortex Plans for electric cars
Wild Evolutions
Badsey Electric Scooters
Frazer-Nash City Car LSV
Electric Car Racing
EV Tradin’ Post
Allwin Electric Cycles
Commuter Cars Corporation

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