Educate your Barbeque

Yarrow in her kitchen
ITV�s Yarrow and her composter

The proportion claiming to have adopted an eco-lifestyle has reached 15% according to a poll for ITV’s This Morning, which regularly features issues like disposable nappies and organic cooking.
Over the summer the show has appointed green goddess Joanna Yarrow to present items on greening the home and garden. Her first item included advice on how to Barbeque in an ecologically sound manner.

Don’t use imported charcoal she told me in the kitchen of her house in North London. It’s likely to be from non-renewable rain forest, and it’s been doctored to make it heavier because it is sold by weight.

She popped some scraps into her elegant Japanese mini-composter as we talked. The additives in imported charcoal also make it more likely to need petrochemical firelighters instead of paper and kindling said Yarrow, an eco-consultant helping businesses go green.
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Of course you should never, ever buy those instant, one-use disposable Barbeques. She advised buying a relatively expensive cast iron barbeque. Buy to last — its cheaper in the end she told the ITV daytime audience who are not really used to ecological advice with their second cup of coffee.

We’ve no agenda, other than producing interesting television said Alan Rook, Editor of This Morning. We aim to reflect what’s happening in people’s lives. More green items are finding their way into our programmes because of that.”

Yarrow believes the Green revolution is gaining critical mass now. Its becoming more immediate for people in so many ways, she says. Health, fitness, food  there’s all sorts of behaviour changes. From Child Asthma to rising energy bills, it’s affecting our quality of life.

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Joanna Yarrow’s occasional slots on This Morning started August 9th. Her web site is www.beyondgreen.co.uk.

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