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Evelien Matthijssen went on a skill-sharing weekend for system shifters who want to experience the future (and help bring it about).

Ardennes Belgium, 25-27 April 2008

The social-ecological crisis is posing a couple of clear-cut questions to humanity. Do we continue the western societal model, with its pathological urge to expand? Even if we are colliding with the biophysical limits of our planet and gigantic social catastrophes are taking place? Or do we want to work on alternatives which carry in them the potential of a fundamental system change?

We know that a whole bunch of people possess a sort of ‘dissident consciousness’, and are working towards this necessary ‘culture shift’ on different levels – practical, activist, philosophical, spiritual, social, health-wise, food-wise, artistic, … Often, though, we don’t know each other, or even are suspicious of each other (e.g. political vs spiritual activists).
The challenge of this weekend lies in bringing together these different articulations of dissidence, taking down the boundaries, inspiring each other and building a powerful countermovement as opposed to the current trend towards self-destruction.

The weekend is a do-it-yourself gathering, to which everyone is invited to make their contribution, e.g. helping practically or organising a workshop, ritual, discussion, or whatever…

The location was beautiful, in the daytime we had lovely weather (although the nights were cold…), instead of the expecting 100 people 200 interested people were present, the workshops were really interesting, a nice campfire in the evenings, good food and drinks, but most of all: there was a great atmosphere!

There were all kind of workshops, they were divided in 3 categories: TALK (morning), DO (afternoon) and FEEL (evening).

TALK: ecofeminism, ecological justice, attachment parenting, community supported agriculture, climate action camp.
DO: building a yurt, a walk to find eatable plants, ecological menstruation, climbing, wood carving, straw arc project.
FEEL: sweat lodge, massage, yoga, cabaret.

It was fantastic to be surrounded by so many like-minded people and that we could learn from each other, have interesting meetings and conversations and have fun during a weekend with no obligations. The weekend was great!

More information about the weekend: https://systemshifters.blogspot.com

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