Doomsday Prepper arrested with live alligator

Earthman - a knuckle dragger  and gator owner
Earthman – a knuckle dragger and croc owner
A “doomsday prepper” who was arrested Tuesday after Dallas police found bomb making materials and a Glock in his car has been kept in federal custody while his case is pending.

The decision was made by a judge after a search of his house turned up drugs, dangerous chemicals and a live alligator, according to the office of U.S. Attorney Sarah Saldaña.

Clayton Todd Earthman, 24, appeared in court Friday when the order was made. Knuckle-dragging Earthman is charged with being an unlawful user and addict of controlled substances in possession of a firearm, authorities said.

How he came by the alligator has been well-documented online:

Seven months ago, Meth-user Earthman decided he wanted an alligator. Or a crocodile. It didn’t really matter so long as it had a green, scaly hide, razor-sharp teeth and looked badass on a leash. So, he did what any backwoods herpetologist would do: He turned to YouTube’s comment section.
His first posting was fairly sane: “i luv the video by the way, im an avid reptile collector and have been without them lately and I have to have one, i have acreage and a pond for it when it grows up and everything but finding a place that will ship one where I live is another story!!! LOL”
His trouble probably has something to do with the Texas law making it illegal to buy or own alligators without a farmer or dealer permit, neither of which Earthman seems to have possessed. That first comment yielded no response, so, still on YouTube, he tried a more direct approach.

“Great vid, could you please refer me to some1 who could sell me a baby croc or even gator please, it would be much appreciated and I will stay in touch and if you want to communicate privately let me no and I will give you my email or you can give me yours. I plan on starting my own small recreational farm so I can just let them grow and be at home slowly but surely!!!”
That didn’t seem to have worked very well either, since he posted the same message on about a dozen videos. Eventually though — it’s not quite clear exactly how — whether through his YouTube contacts or the real world, he found someone to sell him an alligator.

Here is the original account of his arrest, written by the Dallas Morning News:

During a traffic stop Tuesday, Dallas police discovered bomb-making chemicals and literature in the vehicle of a Waxahachie man who told them he was preparing for doomsday, according to a federal complaint.

Clayton Todd Earthman, 24, told officers he also had firearms and large amounts of chemicals at his home on Grande Casa Road in Waxahachie, according to the complaint filed Wednesday by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Earthman told the officers he is a drug user who is addicted to marijuana and that he last used methamphetamine three days earlier. He told police he is a “doomsday prepper.”

That also happens to be the title of a reality TV series that airs on the National Geographic Channel.

The following account comes from the ATF complaint.

Earthman was pulled over by Dallas police around 2 p.m. in the 6600 block of Lovett Avenue in Dallas after failing to stop at a stop sign.

Officers saw a Glock .357 caliber pistol on the floorboard at his feet and took him out of the vehicle.

While searching the vehicle, officers found “large amounts of chemicals, supplies and literature suspected to be for bomb making purposes.” They also found several handwritten notes on how to build explosive devices and booby traps.

During a search of his home, police found a Ruger Mini-14 .223 rifle as well as more chemicals, supplies, literature and handwritten notes on building explosives and weapons.

Earthman was convicted in 2008 of a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession. As a result, he was charged in the federal complaint with being an unlawful user and addict of controlled substances who was illegally in possession of a firearm.

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  1. Dumb ass! This is why reality TV kills, and those that can not lament reality from farce gives others serious level headed individuals bad names.

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