Dogs and kids…

…know how to have fun when it snows! When I was a kid, I loved snow days, I lived in central Texas so we didn’t get snow every winter, and when we did, it was usually only a few inches and it would only last a few days, as soon as the sun came back out, it was gone. I remember having to use several of my neighbor’s yards to have enough snow to make a snowman.

Fast forward to today, I still get excited about snow but have little interest in going out to play in it, I’m more into admiring the pretty snow through the window while sitting next to the wood burning stove. I know that many people reading this live with snow all winter and it’s not such a treat, but for those of us in Texas, it really is a treat, something that doesn’t happen every winter, and fortunately it usually doesn’t last very long.

Yesterday, our first snow hit, it didn’t snow very hard but it went on ALL day and all night, as a result we got about a foot of snow, 10-12 inches, it is a dry powdery snow, something I am happy about because if it had been a heavy wet snow, I just don’t know how well our roof would have held up, for now it’s doing good and I’m glad to know our place will hold up to a foot of snow.

Our little dog Zoe (she was a rescue, we got her last summer), this is her first snow and she loves it, it’s just deep enough that she can’t really run through it, she has to bound like a rabbit, she also loves eating the snow.

PB and I along with just about everyone else who lives in my area is stuck in, we have lots of hills, all unpaved and even people with 4 wheel drive vehicles are having trouble getting around, so most of the smart people are staying inside, or at the very least they are getting out on foot and not going far. I’ve been calling my friends who don’t have internet access and telling them to stay home, stay warm and stay safe.

Here are a few pictures of what it looks like right now, it’s truly a west Texas winter wonderland.

The Sky Castle in the snow

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