Does Your City Have Green Roofs?

Having a green roof is becoming the thing to do in urban environments and Green Roofs for Healthy CIties is an organization all about that. They have also a list of top ten cities with green roofs in North America. They are:

  1. Chicago, Il
  2. Wilmington, DE
  3. Baltimore, MD
  4. Brooklyn, NY
  5. Virgina Beach, VA
  6. Royersford, PA
  7. Tronto, On
  8. Calgary, AB
  9. Washington D.C.
  10. Philadelphia, PA

Last year there was a marked increase in green roofs, 30% more were installed in North America last year. Even if that is good for all of us inhabiting this earth it is more pronounced in the cities that are making going green a priority. Chicago has ranked number one conceseqitly an with 517,633 sq feet it is clear to see that it will retaining it’s place fro a while to come. The runner up, Wilmington, De, has only 37% of the square feet at 195,600, with 3rd, Baltimore, MD, only 23% at 121,550 square feet in the green. Canada starts ranking with Toronto, 83,055 sq ft, at number 7 with Calagary, 61,720 sq ft, right behind at number 8. This list has a wide range of cities and amount of square feet gone green with the top being over 500,000 sq ft while number ten squeaks in with less then 50,000 sq ft.

This shows that green rooftops in urban areas is still in it’s infancy here in North America. From Green Roofs for Healthy Cities 3rd Annual Green Roof Market Industry Survey showed a 5% increase to 25% market growth last year for its’ corporate members. This means that our rooftops in our urban areas are becoming more beautiful, using less energy for heating and cooling, plus cleaner air and greener spaces for people living there.

“We’re particularly thrilled to see Baltimore on our list for the first time as it is the host city of our fast approaching annual international green roof conference starting April 30, 2008,” says Steven W. Peck, founder and president of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. “We’re also pleased to see Washington, D.C. on the list again as the government of the District of Columbia is this year’s winner of an Awards of Excellence for Civic Leadership. Significant green roof implementation can save tens of millions of dollars from reduced energy, and greatly improve regional stormwater management and air quality.”

Their annual confrence will be held April 30 – May 2 in Baltimore, MD. They also offer courses throughout the year at various cities you can check schedueling and cities here. If you are going to be doing a green roof then making sure it’s done right is vital. As the additional weight of such a roof as well as the additional aspects of soil, plants, drainage, etc can be tricky knowing what your doing is important.

The beneifts to both the environment and your pocketbook make this option one to consider for both personal and commercial buildings. Maybe one day a trip to the park in the city can be as simple taking the stairs to the rooftop.

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