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Ever wonder what websites I enjoy visiting (besides this one of course!)? There are quite a few, but I have to tell you about a couple of websites I have recently discovered, the first one is all about dehydrating, EVERYTHING! If it’s possible (or even questionable) to dehydrate it, you will find it here! The second site is all about everything DIY, from homemade cleaning supplies to recipes and lots more. Whether you are living off-grid, or just want to save some $$$s by being frugal, these two sites have the information and instructions you need.

Let’s start with the dehydrating site, Linda is a whiz with a dehydrator, her site Dehydrating Way Beyond Jerky is chock full of how to dehydrate everything, from the normal things we think of, of course jerky, fruit, vegetables, various meats and such, as well as things you wouldn’t have even considered for the dehydrator, such as pasta (yes, you can and SHOULD dehydrate cooked pasta). Beans, Linda figured out that it takes just about as much energy/fuel/time to cook a little pot of beans as it does a big pot of beans, why not go ahead and cook them, then dehydrate them, then next time you want some beans, all you have to do is pull out your dehydrated beans, rehydrate them and heat them up. Linda even gives recipes to use the dehydrated foods you have made and stored, this is really a one stop shop for all things dehydrated, she is a dehydrator guru.

The next site I look forward to reading everyday is One Good Thing by Jillee, I don’t know how she does it, but Jillee manages to post something each and everyday, and on top of that, these are things she actually DOES! She just doesn’t write about DIY stuff, she actually does it, she does the experiments and gives us the results, including the mistakes, so that we don’t have to experiment, just follow her directions and you can make the things Jillee makes.

Jillee writes about crafts, gifts (especially good for this time of the year), food & recipes, homemade cleaning products (that’s what attracted me to her site in the first place) and more… She makes the obligatory DIY laundry soap and pretty much uses the same recipe I use but she tweaked it a bit to make it even better, how about cleaning those metal cookie sheets that have that cooked on gunk that never seems to come off? I am really intrigued with her homemade face cleaning recipes, especially the one that uses OIL, yes I said oil, you wash your face with oil and it works great! One of the latest posts that really caught my eye is how to make your own mints, the ones that are curiously strong, it turns out that it is very VERY simple to do, I like the idea of making my own mints because I can control what goes into them.

Give Jillee a visit, and be sure to sign up for her daily emails, I look forward to seeing what Jillee has been up to. Both of these ladies work hard to bring us interesting and frugal DIY projects, recipes and such, I get inspired each and every time I visit their sites.

Bookmark these two sites, using the information you glean from them can save you a LOT of money and give you the satisfaction of doing these things yourself.

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