Dirt-cheap survival retreat-book review

Dirt-Cheap Survival Retreat

There are people who have seemingly unlimited funds to purchase whatever goodies they want. This book is not written for them, though they could glean some great ideas. It’s really written for the rest of us, those who have limited incomes but still want to go off-grid and live comfortably.

Dirt-Cheap Survival Retreat

Creekmore writes with a very down to earth style. He gets right to the point. He didn’t fill this book with fluff — this book is written from experience — he actually lives the life and walks the walk. I live 100% off-grid, and have done everything on the cheap, I’ve lived this way since Dec ’07, I can tell you that this book has some useful ideas and info.

This book covers most all of the bases, I say most only because there is always something that could be added no matter how complete a book might be. You will learn about buying land cheaply, how to get shelter, how to power your place, this is something that can get expensive, but Creekmore tells you how to do it on the cheap. He also tells you how to deal with waste and sanitation, about security, food, water and more.

This isn’t about being a hermit living in a cave, wearing skins and eating worms, Creekmore does use modern technology, lights, radio, computer… he just does it smarter, and he is sharing this info with the rest of the world in this book, hopefully so that the reader will have a head start on what to do and what not to do.

The part that I found very interesting is the security section, a couple of the ideas are the kind that make you slap yourself in the head and say “Why didn’t I think of that???” I also like the section on how to find cheap land. Without that, you probably will not be able to even get started living anywhere on the cheap.

Whether you already own raw land and just want to know how to get started living cheaply, or you are just thinking about doing this, I highly recommend this book.

Dirt-Cheap Survival Retreat

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  1. Bought myself an old travel trailer for $50.00…. Needs work (was being used as a playhouse for a family’s kids) to turn it into a modern Irish lassie’s Vardo, but I’m pretty handy with woodworking tools…wOOt!

  2. This book is great because it was written by someone who is actually living off the grid. Many claim to be “experts” but have never lived for any length of time in the manner they suggest.

    The book is filled with super ideas about how to find cheap land, cheap alternative energy sources, how to purchase your cheap home/trailer, etc.

    This book gave us some great ideas that we will use as we continue our land search. Even if you don’t go as cheap as the author, it will still help you look for & get a better deal.

    Definitely get this book. It’s an easy read and full of great information.

  3. I have this book and it is wonderful. Gives you an understanding of what off-grid life is like and how you can do it on a budget. M.D. Creekmore tells us how it is and how you can do it too. Buy the book you won’t regret it.

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