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Racist Lucy
Racist Lucy Channel 4 star

A Reality game show set in the remote Cook Islands, where off-grid contestants battle for a prize of 70,000, has run into a racism storm for UK broadcaster Channel 4 TV.

The series has already been ordered by BBC America, but there is rethink going on because one of the contestants is heard saying that she doesn’t like black people. The programme was pre-recorded, and approved by station chiefs, so Channel 4 had endorsed her remarks. Lucy Buchanan, an 18-year-old private schoolgirl from York, praised slavery and said she would get a black person to do her “slave work”. For good measure Lucy adds – I don’t like fat people, and I don’t like really ugly people.
One has to assume that scum like this reflect Channel 4’s values, or else why would they have them, on the station?
On Tiger Island, the other girls are working hard on skin color too  i.e. their tans. Their first discovery is the long-drop toilet. It’s their one luxury – and it doesn’t flush! Tiger girl Fiona is quick to lay down the ground rules: Anybody who comes over to the Island isn’t allowed to poo in our toilet! But when conversation finally turns to the building plans it’s not long before two of the Tiger girls are clashing over ideas.

The girls try the local delicacy of lambs tongue. But it’s not all sun and lambs tongue in paradise and tensions soon begin to show. It’s not long before curiosity gets the better of Lucy and Lianne, and they hatch a plan to make a swim for Shark Island to check out the boys and their camp.

As the two tribes get to know each other Lucy finds a soulmate in posh boy Stevie says one who has seen ther show. Does this mean there is another racist in the camp? Or more than one?

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