Deep winter for the Sky Castle

2015-01-01 09.21.47
This is our 8th year living out here, we have fallen into a comfortable routine, the summers have its advantages, longer days, warm weather (cool nights for sleeping), getting more done during the longer daylight hours, but there are downsides, such as the critters, bugs, spiders and other creepy crawlies that are active in the warmer weather.

What I enjoy about the cold weather is the lack of bugs, I’m not fighting the moths and other flying night creatures over my computer screen, I don’t have to worry about what may be in my bed with me or crawling up my leg. Snuggling up next to a warm wood burning stove, the scent of wood burning. Of course the drawbacks are the cold weather, fewer number of hours to charge our solar system, shorter days means not getting as many chores and work done during the day.

I am not complaining though, I love living this way, and couldn’t imagine living any other way.

I snapped a few pictures of life around here, the dogs, the mountain scenery with the low hanging clouds threading its way through the mountain peaks, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you have any questions about how we live or (nearly) anything else, feel free to ask, I don’t mind answering questions.


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