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–if you live or work off the grid (ie without utility power or water), upload a video to help build a global portrait of an off-grid day.

Upload your video here.

Your crowdsourcing contribution to the “Off-Grid Life in a Day” could be a brief think-piece like this clip of Beans of Maine author Carolyn Chute.

It could be a guided tour of your smallholding. It might even be a glimpse of the tasks your household performs during a typical day, from chopping wood to pumping water to relaxing quietly on the back porch

Ridley Scott has a project is called “Life in a Day,” a collage of a 24-hour period of human life. “Off Grid Life in a Day” is also a 24-hour snapshot, but focused on those people who are usually under-represented in the national media.

Those who live off the grid -off- are  improving energy security, adding to diversity, and reducing the carbon footprint of America. But they do not have a voice because they are scattered and outside the mainstream, often out of choice.
The web site has a free LandBuddy service which connects you with people who are looking to live off grid, people who are currently living off grid and people who want to help others live off grid.

LandBuddy contains a map that allows you to locate others living off the grid in any geographic location. Current off-gridders can find and connect with their off grid neighbors. If you are thinking about living off the grid, this is the perfect place to look for advice and resources from people who are already living this way.

Please upload your videos as soon as possible to

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  1. Donald Goldmacher

    your email info accidentally got deleted. Can you email me once more?

  2. Donald Goldmacher

    I would like to speak with you about the video footage you are gathering for living off the grid, as it is a part of the film I am completing.

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