Cortijada Los Gázquez

[before_listing id=193 images=https://off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/edaa7cb882601a60329bc53f1f5c4c0f.jpg youtube=null] At a thousand meters above sea level, Cortijada Los Gázquez is an ‘off-grid’ destination for creatively minded travellers high in the mountains of Andalucia.

In the heart of the ‘Parque Natural Sierra Maria-Los Velez’, this ‘eco-chic’ guest house and 47 acre farm resides within a place of extreme natural beauty, profound peace and tranquillity and an awe inspiring wilderness, in one of Spain’s most dramatic alpine deserts.

Cortijada Los Gázquez combines two of the principle ideas fundamental for people who love peace, inspiration and the natural world. Ecology and creativity.

As a guest house Cortijada Los Gázquez has a benign influence on the earth making power from the sun and wind, cooking and heating with wood and recycling everything.

As a creative retreat Cortijada Los Gázquez is a place for the expression of art, design and creativity in all it’s forms. It is a place where one can withdraw from everyday life and focus on one’s creativity in a culturally stimulating environment.
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  1. Hey,
    How many people are you by now ? Are there children ?
    I am interested in an alternative society and life within with my doughter and recently searching for places to get to know.
    Are you free for a visit ?
    Sincere greetings,

  2. I live in the UK, in the city of Leicester. I’m getting frustrated with modern society that is becoming rude & selfish. Fed up with being woken up in the early hours by neighbours on both sides of me, that then become violent when asked nicely to keep the noise down. It makes work difficult through lack of sleep. I am feeling intimidated & trapped.
    I am a 46-year-old ex-military man. Have worked as a tree surgeon cutting trees by powerlines in the countryside, forestry work & tree planting. I only feel relaxed when I’m outdoors.
    I have kept chickens and grown veggies in my small back garden, but growing is hit & miss as there are high walls each side giving me only a couple of hours of sunlight.
    My house is now bought and paid for and I finally feel free at last. I am looking to find a self-sufficient community where my skills will be welcomed.
    I am an only child and have always been happy in my own company (i am very sociable around like-minded people).
    As a child/teenager, I spent my spare time camping, cycling and walking in the countryside. Making rafts shelters and foraging for food. As a teenager, I was a member of the scouts and I was a sergeant in the UK’s army cadet force. Spending some weekends leading groups of up to 60 teenagers setting up camps, building fires & cooking.
    I am a good problem solver, have basic carpentry skills(have built my own Gazebo & chicken coup), I also make picture frames from reclaimed wood & glass. I am skilled with a chainsaw. Either tree work & chainsaw carving (have made stools, mushrooms & owls).
    I have been an avid cook since the age of 5. I cook Chinese, Indian, Italian, Spanish, Stewing, Barbequing. I am a resourceful cook and love creating dishes from left-overs. I hate food waste & food that has been flown in from thousands of miles away. I have been composting for 20 years, I recycle or re-use everything. (I throw one carrier bag of rubbish away each week.
    I have lived in my house for 25 years and am a keen DIYer. I have a full toolkit & lots of power tools, I’m not scared to get stuck in.
    I love the Spanish way of life and spend all my holidays in the Canary Islands.

    If I could be any help to you please don’t hesitate to contact me,

    Yours sincerely,
    Anthony Lee

  3. Hello, I’ve been desparate to get off-grid for years now and its driving me bonkers not being able to. If anyone is able to exchange food and a bed in an off-grid community for my labour, I would appreciate it so much. Please let me know. HGBouch@gmail.com

  4. Sounds like what I’ve been searching for. With the sale of my home here soon I am in search of a place I can go and live completely off-grid. I want someplace I can grow organic fruits and vegetables. Meditate, paint and do photography to help support myself. I need a place where I can connect spirituality and heal my fibromyalgia with a healthy lifestyle. It would be great to be part of a community that shares same values. I am 45 on my own and new to all of this but know it is absolutely the right decision for me. Please let me know if I would potentially fit in. Cynthia

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