Ex-cop predicts collapse

Former Law enforcement officer has had it with the man. Living off the grid is his solutionHarold Smith cam on our YouTube page today, commenting on our video Inside the Movement as follows:

I spent 20 years in law enforcement, and over that time I’ve seen a lot of changes not only in the federal government, but state and local.

At this moment I’m making plans to go totally off-grid. Why?

I forsee a total economic collapse in the United States in my life time. The writing is on the wall; this country is on the verge of bankruptcy if we aren’t already broke and the government is hold back this information from the people. There is not going to be a nuclear war, just a collapse that will be 100 times greater than that of the great depression of the 1930’s.

What happened in New Orleans after Katrina will be a cake walk compared to whats ahead. Why is the government building FEMA Camps across the United States? I know this is true, because I’ve seen one with my own eye’s! Why is the government pushing to remove the 2nd Amendment?

It’s not just gun crimes; it’s what I believe to stop a full scale civil war in this country IF there is an economic collapse. So, when you have a retired police officer, and you will hear retired military officers say the something; learn to become self-sufficient, and find a small community, and go off-grid.

You may want to listen.

I don’t want to come off as some kind of off tilt conspiracy nut, but if you are watching the news, and viewing ligament videos from credible people on youtube, you will see that there is some truth to what I have written.

The truth is, no one knows what will and what will not happen. I for one hope nothing like what I have written ever happens, but the evidence, and it is circumstantial at best, tells me that something will happen in our life time. If the worst does happen, you will want to be far away from large towns and cities. because when people panic, they tend to become vicious animals to survive.

Going off-grid is only half of it, you can know how to survive off the land, become totally self- sufficient, but if you don’t have any tactical self defense skills, you can’t protect or defend what you have. My advise; not only become educated in off-grid living, become educated and proficient with firearms and self defense tactics.

I’m looking for land around small communities in central, north central Arkansas. What my plans are; to rent out my home or sell it, which ever is economically best for me. Than build a home that will run on propane and solar power. Water will be obtained from well water and rain harvesting. What I’m looking at is more of an off-grid homestead.

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  1. He is correct. This is going to happen. If you happen to ever see a FEMA camp. Notice they are surrounded by fence with barbed wire. Then notice the wire is angled to keep people from getting out, not in. The government won’t react immediately. They are going to sit back and let chaos take hold while everyone starves and dies off to lower the population to a controllable amount. Meanwhile while all this is happening. They take a look at all the phone, email, records that NSA has been saving since Bush allowed it in 2001. So now they have records of where any prepper lives or records of who own what weapons and where. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they raided all these places. Because during a time of marshal law. We own nothing and have to freely give anything we have, including our selves, to the gov. Then the advertise food to all those that come to FEMA camps in trade for labor. That’s where they get the ones they couldn’t find. It will happen. When it does. We will not only have to fear our own country. We will have to fear the other country that comes here to take over. Hasn’t anyone noticed a lot of the elite are moving their money to other countries. Big companies are leaving. There is a reason.

  2. If you want to know how to live off the grid ,talk to anyone whom lived in the country during the great depression. They lived it and survived.

  3. If there is an economic collapse people simply won’t go to work because they can’t be paid with anything of value… when that happens the grid will go down and the wheels of transportation will stop turing. Food and water will run out fast. Law and order will breakdown. All your savings and investments will disappear overnight. Even if you think it’s a good idea to prepare, if you do nothing you’ll be in the same situation as those in denial. The government can’t help everyone… in fact they too will be trying to survive. Your best chances of survival will be to join a gang and become a looter… however your chances of getting killed – or wounded and die without medical services – are a LOT greater than those who have prepared.

  4. You may be able to stay alive in a fema camp but there is a risk you may become slave labor …EXECUTIVE ORDER 11000 allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.

  5. Totally, that’s what I’m trying to do. Not so much for fear of total collapse but more because city life is becoming too overwhelming. And being prepared is also a plus :) Thank you for your post.

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