Compound for sale – because the kids aren’t interested

In Michigan, a Home surrounded by serenity and nature is for sale because the long-time owner is getting old and his kids want the Internet not the wilderness.

The four-bedroom, three-bathroom home is completely off-grid but ironically the price of $6.3 MILLION includes the rights to income from 48 natural gas and oil wells spread around the property.

Henry B. Joy IV grew up on this 2,000-acre property in Atlanta, Mich., in the northern part of the state’s lower peninsula.

Joy, 52, returned to the idyllic nature retreat in 1994. Joy’s parents moved the family there full-time in the 1970s, he said. His grandfather purchased in the 1940s for between $35,000 and $45,000, according to Mr. Joy. He recalls a childhood centered on nature and learning to appreciate the outdoors. ‘Life wasn’t about going to the mall,’ he said. ‘All we had was a Kmart 35 miles away.’

The family has used some of the income from oil and gas to pay for roughly $2.5 million in improvements and additions to multiple structures on the property, and land maintenance over the past 40 years, Joy said.

The 4,000 square-foot main house is the centerpiece, surrounded by multiple additional buildings including a boat house, a horse barn, a woodworking shop and a log cabin on a private lake.

The property is on the market with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. KoenigRubloff Realty Group has the listing.

Spacious living room

Joy, who is in the film industry, has a primary residence in Harbor Springs, Mich., and primarily uses the house as a place to spend time off-the-grid with his family. ‘One of the coolest things was teaching them how to fish and how to clean a fish,’ he said.

The property encompasses about 20 miles of roads, and has hosted events for the American Rally Association, according to Joy, who used to drive rally cars.

Joy is looking to sell as his children get older. They’re no longer as interested in spending time in the wilderness – without internet – to do the work necessary to maintain the land, he said. ‘I can’t do it all myself,’ he said.

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  1. If you can get a message to Mr. Joy….let him know that if he needs help to take care of the property do he doesnt have to sell it or r run while it’s on the market I would be happy to come out and help him in exchange for room and board for myself and my pups. I have been wanting to go off the grid for quite sometime now I just dont have the means to do it….I have however been saving money and will hopefully be able to go somewhere soon . Anyway I am a 46 year old single woman in great shape and I am a bmvery hard worker. I have a passion for animals, rivers lake and beaches and just spreading love and peace whenever I can. Well if it’s possible for Mrm Joy to get this message I would be greatly appreciative

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Kathryn Y.Harris

  2. well people,

    this is why, especially in these times with AI and 5G satellites coming next year, you should raise your children outside society, without televisions, computers.

    all they need to learn: growing food, building a home, cooking, cleaning, making clothes.

    but nooooooooo you still wanted to smoke, drink coffee, go into town, teach them bullshit like pyramids built with slaves and logs, ………

    it seems that the only communities out there with morality are the ones that buy into religious bullshit. it is all a great revealing of how they have corrupted us…. unable to be truly free.

    1. Awful sad situation if you ask me , my grandparents had the same situation where they left land for my aunts and uncles and they just sold it off because none of them wanted to live in the north woods,,,, and us grandkids have paid for it because we had to sit back and watch the land sold off ,,, im just a poor disabled veteran and my wife and children would give all to own and be the caretakers of such a beautiful piece of land. I honor your grandfathers hard work and swet, just as if it was my own grandfather, what a legacy to leave for the grandchildren and great grandchildren,,, sad to see a developer will end up with it and will be parceled off and split up all for profit,,, so sad. I only sit and dream of such a land to have and to leave to my grandchildren. Your children do not know what there giving up by not seizing the swet and tears that there grandparents worked so hard to give to the next generations of his family,,,, Shame on your kids,,, shame , shame, shame,,,,, give me and my children the chance to own it,,, and i would honor your grandfathers intentions,,,, Josh Bruce Please forward this message to the owners,, Mr. Joy

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