LandBuddy Community Code of Conduct

The LandBuddy website is about building a community , so that means we all need to act responsibly to ensure everyone has a satisfying, enjoyable experience.

And like most websites, there are some classic dos and don’ts.

By using this website, you are agreeing to abide by these guidelines. And remember, they apply to both on- and off-line behaviour.

1. If you make a comment make sure it’s true, doesn’t relate to anyone without their permission, isn’t obscene, indecent, harassing, fraudulent or otherwise illegal or encouraging of illegal behaviour.

2. If you post any content, make sure it’s yours or you have obtained permission to use it.

3. If you post anything, remember anyone and everyone will be able to see it. The internet is global and external sites will link to LandBuddy.

4. The best approach if you are under 21 is to get your parent or guardian involved on your behalf (but don’t steal their password!) or find a school or other initiative that you can get involved in (

5. Don’t give any personal information to anyone until you are confident that it is safe to do so. And don’t publish your phone number, address or other such information on the site (e.g. in Listings) – however, it is okay to put this kind of information into the Registration screens as it is kept secure and not published.

6. Don’t meet anyone without someone knowing where you are and/or having someone you know and trust there with you. Also, make sure you meet in a public place. People can be different in the real world and make absolutely sure you know who they are before you let them in to your life or know where you live (which you may not even want to).

7. LandBuddy Part-Timers are there for a reason. Make sure you get help when you need it; for example if you’re a novice, seek help from any experts on the site. But do make sure you only interact with a Part-Time that you feel you can trust. Remember point 5 above even with Part-Timers. If in any doubt, get help from a friend or family member rather than a stranger.

8. Any harassment should not be tolerated. If you notice anything that contravenes this website’s rules, please contact the LandBuddy team at and/or, in emergency situations, the police. Please note we may independently contact the police where we feel it is necessary and appropriate.

9. Any other behaviour that is offensive should also be reported to the LandBuddy team at and may also be referred to the police where necessary and appropriate at the LandBuddy team’s discretion.

10. Do not discriminate against other LandBuddy users on any grounds, including (but not only) race, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability or religious belief.

11. Please be polite and respectful with all communications with other users.

12. This is a place to encourage the sharing of resources, knowledge and support for real communities. Brash advertising and purely flogging your own commercial interests will be deleted by the LandBuddy team. Think about it – it’s not exactly in the spirit of things…

13. Don’t use any gardening/cultivation tools you have no idea how to use without reading the instructions and generally being responsible. And remember, with any ’sharing‘ arrangement that means not just being responsible for yourself but also for any dangers that you might create for other people.

14. Use and wear suitable equipment. If you are not sure what is suitable, ask the LandBuddy community in the Questions & Answers section or contact a Part-Time.

15. Don’t leave an unbuilt item or structure unattended that might be dangerous to other people.

16. Do not cut any structure or trees with a chain saw. Only suitably qualified people should do this. Keep firmly on the ground at all times!

17. If you are sharing land, make a plan for any medical or other emergency. Know where your nearest hospital is. If you were injured, how would you attract attention? Mobile phone? Whistle? Alarm? Always have a basic first aid kit with you and any medication you may need.

18. Always tell someone when you are going to your shared land. Make sure your family or friends are given the full address.

19. Respect biodiversity. Don’t rip up trees, foliage etc. that could be a home to species that might need protection or that simply might be good for the environment to keep. Why not in fact think about actively encouraging biodiversity? You can help encourage bees, for example, with good nectar plants, such as apple, cherry and plum trees.

20. Be careful about contamination – of land, water, air and food. Use common sense and get advice from your local authority or a reputable expert. There are many guides and useful resources available. One of these can be found at this link: EP Growing Edible Crops

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