Change Your Toilet Change the World

A simple and effective way to conserve water and save money on water bills is to change your toilet to a dual flush one. This can be done as simply as buying a new dual flush toilet, just a dual flush tank, or using a conversion kit for a conventional toilet.

Since a dual flush toilet is designed to only use the water needed to flush the waste you save and you don’t have to use the practice of only flushing on number 2 as has been advised to me before. If you live in a house full of people, did I mention that 6 people live in my home and during the summer/fall months 7, that can leave an unpleasant odor lingering in your bathroom. Since composting toilets are also not an option, we’ve looked into other avenues.

Dual flushing toilets sound like a great idea for those who aren’t ready to change bathroom habits, but want to stop wasting galleons of water daily. If you want a complete toilt you can look into purchasing one at a local hardware retailer. Or you can check out Aquanotion, a company out of Canada, to see some of their solutions that aren’t as expensive as replacing a complete toilet. They offer a two flush solution that will work with an existing toilet by using a kit to replace the inner workings of your tank. This kit once installed, and can usually be done by someone themselves, will give you the option of a low flow flush or a regular flush, depending on the need.

If you don’t wish to fiddle with the tank they also offer a tank designed to fit most toilet bowls sold in North America that already comes complete you just need to fit it onto your bowl. This would save time but still would require some minor installation to be done.

Of course know that we started to research toilets we saw electric composting toilets that mix everything for you, and can last up to a year before needing to be emptied. Then to top it off they don’t use harmful chemicals so the waste can then be introduced to your compost pile. We were almost in love till we saw the price tag the cheapest being $1,799 with a non electric coming in slightly cheaper at $1,399 (and no we didn’t put the comma in the wrong place). Still if you can afford it why not. We’ll be waiting for the price to come down or just admire it from a far.

So options have greatly increased in everyday appliances to make changes for positive in both our pocketbooks and our world. We just have to notice them that’s all.

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