Cell phone black-out

Its in the bag....

Even when your cell is switched off, it is still a mobile tracking device in your pocket. Now a new invention promises to give you back control over who can call you, or track you.

The MIAmobi SilentPocket is a simple bag, with a special lining,  into which you drop your cell phone, router, pager or any other wireless device.

It blocks all comms signals — in or out. through its “99% Nano-Silver lining.”You could argue that it is cheaper to take out your batteries, but at $65, some will prefer the convenience of the blackout bag. Especially as it operates on other gadgets as well including the chip in your passport or credit cards through RFID Blocking~ which protects your Credit Cards, Passport, & SmartKeys. Other benefits include: Restricts Texting and Cell Phone use when Driving and allows you to pay full attention to Family and Friends.


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  1. Actually, there are several options:
    Leave your phone at Home. There was a time when people didn’t have an Electronic Leash.
    Wrap it in Aluminum Foil. Very inexpensive.
    Enable Airline Mode, which disables transmissions. Incoming signals are irrelevant.
    Disable GPS Tracking. Mine has that feature, but it does allow emergency services to find you. If you are worried about the Police tracking you, it might be better to find a new way of entertaining yourself.

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