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Family full of capable individuals looking for off-grid community

Hello everyone!

My name is Jo, I’m 30 and I’m looking for my people. I work in the audiobook industry and I’m fully remote. I like to match my community members with jobs they might be good at in my industry. I have raised chickens and goats, and I’m a hard worker when I have direction. Not afraid to get up on a roof or use power tools. I also make sure everyone is fed and happy, and I have some mad cooking skills.

Let me tell you about my family.

My partner Trevor is 40, and a jack of all trades. When I say the guy can build or problem-solve anything, I mean it. He has lived off-grid many times and is yearning for a lifestyle where he is useful and can work to make life better for everyone involved. Engineering is his specialty, and he can weld, do blacksmithing, do leather work, farm, build any sort of structure you want, do plumbing, fix and fabricate car parts, do electrical etc. He’s a great guy to have in your corner. He’s also an avid reader and loves to share information and have interesting discussions. You will never be bored around him.

His father Fred is 65, has worked his whole life doing a wide variety of things, including building various types of homes and living off-grid. Currently he is an architectural draftsman, so if you need help figuring out how to make your home ideas work, he’s a great resource. He’s also an artist, and loves to create beautiful things. He’s got experience doing leather work, and is an avid collector of fountain pens.

Trevor’s cousin Jordan comes with the package as well. He’s 31, and is a great set of hands if you’ve got a project you need help with. He keeps to himself and doesn’t require much.

I have two kids, 8 and 10, so finding community that has other kids or are kid friendly is important to me.

Everyone in the family is well-read and has many intellectual passions. We like to nerd out and have discussions and are always learning new things. Some of our favorite topics are monolithic structures, Tolkien, building things with natural materials that are strong and will last, ancient social structures, and the list goes on and on.

I currently live in Eugene, Oregon, and the lack of actual community and ability to live in a way that is removed from towns and is unrestricted by the government is killing me and I’m ready to do something wildly different. We’re ready to find property and live in a way that is sustainable, so if/when the world falls apart, we will be just fine. If we sound like we might fit well with you or your community, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

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Landbuddy>I Want To Go Off-Grid

Seeking Landbuddy To Go 50/50 on Land

Hello my name is JB and i want to start an offgrid homestead in the wilderness of western Canada, i am looking to live a self sufficient lifestyle where i grow and raise my own food, I’d like to find someone else interested in living a similar offgrid life in the wilderness, my plan right now is both of us pay $5000 each for land totaling $10,000 allowing us to get more land for our dollar, i’d like to farm a small flock of 30 sheep, several other farm animals and a vegetable garden so i am in need of atleast 10 acres. My plan for developing my land is to move onto the land in a wall tent early summer(June) to create a temporary encampment while i clear trees to form sheep pastures and mill the logs to create a small cabin to live in year round, of course living in Canada the cabin would need to be ready by mid September.

Having a Landbuddy living nearby on their lot would be beneficial in many ways, as much as people want to be isolated from civilization a small community is pretty handy, helps mental health but 2 people working together to survive in the woods, hunting, fishing and cooking together along with lending an extra hand with construction and yard work increases the chances of successfully creating a settlement in the forest.

I am 27, since i was 14 I’ve wanted to build a home in the woods and live an independent low costing life, ive always enjoyed being in the woods growing up and bonding with animals, i have lived in the forest before for 15 months in a tiny cabin i built, so if i find a landbuddy interested in going 50/50 on land i can also help you create your house and get you setup on your land, i played team sports for over 12 years so i enjoy working as a team. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested, 

If you’re interested how i would setup my homestead ill continue to rant,  The cabin will be created out of milled  lumber from the first trees i cut down, id like to start with a 16’x16′ cabin with room to expand in the future, a well for drinking water would be luxurious but until then boiling water is an okay alternative or perhaps a nearby spring. A woodstove would be my source of heat for the cabin, solar panels for small electronics like cellphones, laptops and dewalt batteries, maybe a small coffee maker lol for appliances id like to get things running on propane, so for electricity id use solar, propane and for emergencies a generator. My food will mainly come from my land, like the vegetable garden, farm animals like chickens and sheep but being in the woods creates a great opportunity to hunt …

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Landbuddy>I Want To Go Off-Grid

Looking for help with a community hydroelectricity scheme

Hi all!

A small group of us are hoping to set up a community hydroelectric project in the next few years and are looking for anyone else nearby who is interested! We’re based just west of Dumfries in Dumfries & Galloway, South West Scotland. There seem to be a lot of complexities to planning a project like this, so any expertise would be welcomed!

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