I Want To Go Off-Grid

Hoping to retire off-grid

I’ll be retiring in about 2.5 years and hope to buy a piece of land on Cape Breton Island with the proceeds from selling my current house. No time like the present to educate myself further and start planning the budget and refining my property requirements. I am a mostly self-taught DIY builder, having renovated my current place myself, including plumbing & electric. Of course off-grid building will be much different. I hope to buy land with decent solar exposure, as well as running water in order to generate power. Winter will be a challenge to figure out in terms of power generation, but I’m sure others have found solutions. I definitely don’t want to rely on a generator. The first thing I did to my current house was to rip out the oil-based central heating & water heater in favour of heat pumps & electric hot water. I will want whatever comes next to have minimum impact on the environment.

I hope to grow at least some of my own food, expanding on what I’ve learned from my current backyard garden of about 100 sq. ft.

I have had occasion to spend up a a month in a 200 sq. ft. cabin with running water and an outhouse, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Not afraid of hard work and don’t need a lot of stuff to keep me happy! 

As I’ll be 65 when this adventure begins, I suppose I’ll have to consider how my needs will change with age, so advice on that front would be great!

Signing up here to learn from those with experience to offer.

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Thank you for taking the time to open my add. I am a free spirited middle aged woman who loves


 the woods. I have a spot picked out to put a little cabin on a hidden lake. Going to live in harmony with nature as best as I can. 


The world is falling. The government’s are corrupt. The end of easy street is here. I have spent years gathering knowledge and skill to start fresh. And that’s what’s next but it will be lonely and tho I am tough  a friend is a nice idea 

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I Want To Go Off-Grid

Looking to Rent Land!

Hi! New here. I’m Katie and my husband are looking to rent land and begin living off-grid. If anyone is looking for this kind of arrangement in the Burlington area of Vermont, please let me know. Thanks!

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Off-Grid Without EMFs – 5g – WiFi

Hi all, I’m posting on behalf of the “EMF-Free Housing” FB Group


If you are looking to get away from 5g, WiFi, cell towers, etc, join the group, and share some of your off-grid ideas, projects, etc

We have a group of people looking to partner, relocate, looking for EMF-Free Housing, places to buy land, etc

Please post your projects available in the group, or ideas – and I’m sure someone will be interested

Thank you

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off-grid co-op?

I am starting a housing co-op near Glasgow, Scotland, with view to going off-grid

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Mr. BugOut

Young archtitect planning his own bugout and looking for buddies to cooperate with and possibly share the bugout.

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Any Christian Communes?

My name is Tyler, I am looking for a Christian commune where everyone lives and worships together aswell as help one another, If anyone knows of such a place or lives at one please comment or contact me, God Bless

Email: itstylaa123@gmail.com

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10 acres near Durango — trees,spring

Brian writes:
I own two separately deeded 10 acre parcels side by side.
Both border 9000 acres of public land and are secluded and quiet. They are located approximately 30 miles sw of Durango, Colorado and have a nice view of the La Plata mountains to the north about 20 miles. These are the southern San Juan Mountains.

There is no water on the property but a very nice spring that you pay $100 per year to use as much as you want. There are many people hauling water in this area and it is only about 9 miles from the property on a straight country road. The last 1.75 miles to the property is an unmaintained county road. I am keeping one of the 10 acre parcels to live off the grid and will built a small structure out there this summer.
I have already done experiments with gravity fed drip irrigation on timers to grow food. It was very productive and I was able to leave for extended periods and it took care of itself on two double A batteries. I would be
willing to sell one of the 10 acre parcels. Let me know if you are interested in more info

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