Brian writes:
I own two separately deeded 10 acre parcels side by side.
Both border 9000 acres of public land and are secluded and quiet. They are located approximately 30 miles sw of Durango, Colorado and have a nice view of the La Plata mountains to the north about 20 miles. These are the southern San Juan Mountains.

There is no water on the property but a very nice spring that you pay $100 per year to use as much as you want. There are many people hauling water in this area and it is only about 9 miles from the property on a straight country road. The last 1.75 miles to the property is an unmaintained county road. I am keeping one of the 10 acre parcels to live off the grid and will built a small structure out there this summer.
I have already done experiments with gravity fed drip irrigation on timers to grow food. It was very productive and I was able to leave for extended periods and it took care of itself on two double A batteries. I would be
willing to sell one of the 10 acre parcels. Let me know if you are interested in more info

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10 Responses to “10 acres near Durango — trees,spring”

  1. Danielle

    Do you still have this property?

  2. China Mike

    That is some beautiful country! I worked there one summer in the mountains above Durango, just off the Silverton narrow gauge line. Wish I had the money for the land! Best of luck though, as that sounds like some prime real estate, should sell quickly.

  3. Laurel

    Do you still have the 10 acres for sale, and do you have pictures?

  4. NORM

    I have a friend who currently is living on 10 acres outside of Ennis MT & is wanting to return to Colorado after 20 years to the Durango area & may be interested, how could we proceed? Norm 303-229-6626 for Bobby B in MT.

  5. Erich

    Please call me or respond to my email, I am looking for something like this. 970 946 4342. Could you tell me exactly where it is, we would like to look at it.
    Thank you,

  6. Spencer

    what is the celestial orientation of the parcel, what is the general topography? I may purchase from you for my family and I.


    I just posted something current with photos but I can’t seem to find the post. I’m asking 32K OBO. I wasn’t sure that the original information above was even on the site or I would have replied sooner. Keep your eye out for the post with pics, if you don’t find it, email me at: and I will send some pics and answer any questions. Thanks

  8. Barrett Chezik

    Hi there,

    I would love more information about this property. Please contact me by email

  9. Grandy

    Why is there no price listed? Are you asking over market value? I get suspicious about anything for sale that does not have the price listed up front.

  10. Sue

    Very interested in that area. What is the actual address as I’d like to be close to Mancos.

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