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Carbon calculators are better than food(at reducing your carbon footprint), according to the Travelgood web site, which lists the best specialist carbon calculators for working out your travel footprint.

Back in the mundane world of living off-grid, we are, of course, automatically on a tiny footprint compared to most folks. In fact daily travel is probably our biggest single carbon luxury, or sin, depending on which way you look at it.

As well as the calculators mentioned over at Travelgood, here are a few more you might find useful to know about, and they vary widely – so checkout Climate Outreach and Information Network, for an appraisal of their accuracy.

California of course has some of the best Carbon Calculators around:


One of our favorites is Cool Calfornia. And Berkeley U. has also launched a much admired version.

Here are two other good carbon calculators


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