Canning other goodies

canning crackersThere are many ways of preserving foods, dehydrating, freezing and canning. Today we will discuss canning. There are many foods that can be canned, meats, vegetables, fruits and such… but did you know you can can other foods as well? How about crackers? Breads?

You should always use caution when canning, it does use high heat, and you must follow safety and sanitation rules to make sure what you are canning today doesn’t make you sick (or worse) in the future.

Watch these videos, go out and buy up some of these items when they are sale and prepare to preserve them in canning jars.

This one is about canning crackers, I love crackers, my favorites are the Keebler Club crackers, I do buy them in bulk, that is to say, 3-4 boxes at a time, I wanted to buy more but I knew they would go stale or rancid or get bugs before I could eat them all, now I know how to preserve them for many years, now to wait for a sale on crackers…

This video is about canning breads, banana bread to be exact:

Now this one isn’t about canning, I ran across it while searching for canned corn bread, I didn’t find canned corn bread, but I did find this, corn bread made from chicken scratch, you have to watch this, if nothing else but to read the commentary embedded, it’s so funny!

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