Brexit made me go off-grid

Huge motorhome wth side door and steel shutters
And my RV has its own built-in garage

Dave Goodwill told fellow-members on Quora how he made the choice to go off-grid:

Brexit will greatly improve my life.

I’ve been struggling with seasonal depressions during dark and wet winters, paying high rent in exchange for a tiny old property and was disappointed by my income being pretty much the same now as 15 years ago, with prices of everything being much higher.

In other words, I realised my life is a shitty rat race with bad weather and lots of traffic (Berkshire & London). My neighbours all had nice cars on finance, mortgages, crying kids and were imprisoned in “their” houses — never getting out of the prisons they were to repay until they’re too old to enjoy life.

That’s not the life I ever wanted. Brexit was the final nail to the coffin, a great eye opener and a kick up the ass. I decided to choose Europe. The sunnier, the better. So I ditched the shitty house for a luxurious motorhome and will be moving to South of Spain by the end of the year. You can see on the picture it seems bigger than a house for which I paid £1000pm + bills.

Yes, I’m lucky to have a dual citizenship so I’m staying in the EU, whether UK does or doesn’t Brexit. However I can’t see having just the British passport as a deal breaker – worst case will be a visa or equivalent of a settled status application. So if you have a similar itch to scratch – don’t let it be an excuse!

Don’t think I’d have the balls to make this decision, at least not in near future, if it wasn’t for Brexit. It’s a disaster for which in a way I’m grateful.

Edit after posting:

I’m surprised by how many people would like to join me in a motorhome convoy! Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words!

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