In the fourth extract from my book I visit an off-grid community in Devon which is currently fighting a planning permission battle – on behalf of all of us – for the right to buy some land and build off-grid, low-impact houses.

Land Matters: a question of permission

I contacted the Land Matters commune in Allaleigh, Devon, via an activist group that helps off-gridders and others win planning permission for their living spaces. I spoke to Charlotte, one of the main organisers, who had been living there off and on for three years. There are many eco-communes across Britain, some of them relatively long-standing, like Brith Dir Mawr, Tinker

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  1. H’mmm Nick, just read this website on the 27th june 2011. Ho dear them lot at ‘Land Matters’ must get their heads together and sort out how to live a frugal life, (but also to live in a modern technological society). They’ve really lost their way. I don’t know what the latest is,but it’s not looking good.
    I myself, am just living on my own,split from wife and thinking of selling up and going off-grid.I have chances of going on a farm in a 4 birth caravan,then building a panel van into a self contained home,that would be true off living grid (solar panels,invertor,25ltr water containers,compost toilet,boiled eggs n baked tomatoes for breaky) but these folks (according to your blog,)just don’t seem to have a clue.
    If they’d grown some products and passed them on to the locals they would have been more welcomed.

    It’s all about being on top of your life and helping others.

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