BBC series has a laugh at self-sufficient lifestyle

Not the sharpest knife in the scabbard
Not the sharpest knife in the scabbard
Former member of 1990s boy band 5ive, Abz Love, has swapped a life of singing for a farm in Wales in a new BBC2 series “Country Strife: Abz on the Farm”.

Abz, who to be honest comes across as “a bit of an iriot”, and his partner Vicky leave the music business behind them and head to rural Wales to live off the land as the two novice farmers set about buying and renovating their very own smallholding.

The series is played for laughs and whatever the TV execs told Abz, it is laughs at him rather than with him, although you could say the same thing about the music

With a little help from their new neighbours, they’ll take on a world of mud, rain, livestock and vegetable planting and learn what it takes to survive in the countryside on a shoestring.

Abz and Vicky are determined to realise their dream of self-sufficiency, but with plans bigger than their pockets and very limited farming know-how, will their ambitions and enthusiasm withstand the harsh reality of living off-grid?

Abz says “Moving to Wales was a complete shock to the system – the house, the chickens, the horses, the foxes, the cats, the splinters, the leaks, the grass, the gates, the fence, the rain. This being said, I have met some wonderful people with beautiful insights – I currently love my life.”

Head of Natural History and Specialist Factual Formats Commissioning, Tom McDonald says “Country Strife is a warm, engaging series following a charming, open-hearted couple try to live the good life against all odds.

“With no knowledge of country life, very limited funds and a series of increasingly outlandish ambitions and plans, Abz and Vicky are in for an often hilarious reality check as they touch down in rural Wales.

“Through their eyes, the BBC Two audience will get a real sense of what it really takes to make a go of the countryside dream.”

“Country Strife: Abz on the Farm” will air on BBC Two this summer.

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