Battery desulfator review – update

“How many blinks do we have?”, “It’s time to change the panels…”, those are common phrases around here, if you hear these statements, we are talking about our solar system. It’s a small system, very small by most standards, but it’s just fine for us, of course I’d love to have a mega system, but don’t want the mega system headaches or the mega price tag.

The blinks are referring to our charge controller, a Xantrex C35, it blinks a green light to let us know how much of a charge we have on the batteries, it starts at 1 blink and goes to 5 blinks then to a solid green light when the batteries are full, it delights me to no end when I have a solid green light up there :)

When we talk about changing the panels, some of our panels (not all of them) are on a manual tracking system, we can tilt them to catch the morning and evening sunlight, the rest of our panels are fixed in place on the roof and get whatever they manage to get.

Our newest addition to the solar system is our permanently attached battery desulfator. I have had, used and reviewed other battery desulfators, and they worked but they were designed for use on one or two batteries at a time, this battery desulfator is the first of its kind designed for larger systems, for those of us who live off of our battery banks and need something that will desulfate all of our batteries at the same time, not just one or two.

This is the Battery Extra battery desulfator model “EX02 12-48-400“, this work for 12-48 volts up to 1500 Ah, there is one above this unit, it will handle up to 120 volts and 3000 Ah.



You can read more about this desulfator in the first part of my review here:

I have been using this for a few months now, one thing I really like about it is it shows me exactly how much of a charge my batteries have, the digital readout is clear and can be seen from across the room, day or night. Another thing I like about it is it’s quiet, the previous desulfator I had made a high pitched humming noise, it wasn’t loud but you could definitely hear it. It does have an internal cooling fan, I have never heard it make a sound, it either hasn’t been hot enough to come on, or it’s just that quiet. This unit is well made, sturdy, easy to hook up and set up.

Bottom line, I have very happy with this desulfator and this company, I recommend that you visit their page, even if you aren’t in the market for one of these desulfators though if you are using lead acid batteries in this capacity, it’s worth getting, they have lots of advice, tips, and instructions on their site, they are very helpful and if you contact them with questions, they will get back to you with answers.

You can find this desulfator and their entire line of desulfators here:

I received this free of charge for review purposes, I will do my best to give an honest review, I plan on giving updates on this unit as I use it over a period of time.

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