Battery desulfator review part two

A couple of months ago, I began testing a battery desulfator called the Wizbang Plus, it’s a simple device that you attach to your batteries, it creates an electric pulse that essentially “knocks” the sulfation off of the plates inside the batteries. Sulfation is the reason why batteries eventually fail. They hold less and less of a charge until they need to be replaced.

When I first hooked up the desulfator, I used it on 2 separate systems, an older battery on one and newer batteries on another. On the older battery, I’ll say that it seemed to work better, I could see a significant difference, enough that I am going to keep it hooked up, it is a slow process though.

On the newer batteries, it wasn’t as dramatic but there was a measurable change, then something happened, my inverter began showing me a fault light and the power would go off and on. I thought this might be related to the desulfator and disconnected it, I contacted the company to find out if this had ever happened before, they assured me it hadn’t. Well I kept the desulfator unhooked then my inverter began showing the fault light again, this time NOTHING was plugged in to it, it was only hooked up to the batteries, so it had nothing to do with the desulfator, I am relieved, I prefer giving positive reviews if I can.

This is one of the reasons it’s taken me this long to complete the review, I wanted to find out for sure if the problem was related to the desulfator, I did not want to give an unfair review, now I’m glad I waited, I also wanted to use it long enough to be able to see for sure that it is working.

So bottom line, it does work, but slowly. I would recommend getting one desulfator per battery, it will work faster that way, on the single but older battery, it did work faster and is bringing the battery back up to what it looked like when it was newer, the reason it’s working slower on the other system is because I had one desulfator hooked up between 2 batteries.

I wouldn’t wait until your batteries are old to do it, putting them on newer batteries will help keep the batteries in good working condition. If you have some old batteries, as long as they aren’t shorted out, the desulfator should bring them back into working condition. Again, this isn’t going to happen overnight, it took time for your batteries to get into bad shape, it’s going to take some time to get them rehabilitated.

Batteries are an expensive part of any solar system, and it’s the part that eventually needs to be replaced. Using the Wizbang Plus on your batteries should increase the life of your batteries, saving you money in the long run and might even rehabilitate batteries you thought weren’t good enough to keep around.

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