Bartering food for drink in Santa Cruz

Barter is a way of surviving economically outside the system. Here are some links to sites which facilitate bartering. Barterer beware – some of the sites are more interested in their fee than your satisfaction. Bartercard, one of the bigger middlemen, has had a lot of bad publicity after some if its members ended up with thousands of barter dollars they were unable to spend.

Barter Exchange Guide

The guide explains how a business can use barter to increase material
flows and covers the benefits of barter, the different types of barter, and what
to look for in a barter exchange firm, among other topics.
International Barter Alliance
Claims to be the world’s largest barter marketplace.

IRTA: The International Reciprocal Trade
IRTA is a non-profit corporation established to foster the interests of
the commercial barter industry in the U.S. and around the world. IRTA’s web
site gives statistics on the total value of goods bartered by North American

Barter Consultants
Barter Consultants offers barter services, B2B trade & exchange,
barter trading methods, trade exchanges, barter systems for barter
clubs members using trade dollars to swap, trade, and barter online.
Euro Barter Business
A network using transferable credits to facilitate exchanges of goods and
This is a large, international computerised bartering system which
started in Australia.
The Online Barter Association’s website.
Barter Networking Inc.
A trading system, based in the mid east coast region of the US, designed
to help small and large businesses alike by bartering goods and services to
each other.
BarterNews Magazine
This magazine was founded in 1980 as a voice for the barter and
countertrading industries in the US.
Equity Trade Exchange
An internet based, business-to-business barter exchange designed to help
business owners broker their own trade transactions, and save substantially
over the cash fees charged by traditional barter exchanges.
National Association of Trade
NATE’s purpose is to educate, inform and advise on the barter industry.
It has some members outside the US.
Classified listings of goods and services on offer, with a search
An Irish Barter Exchange system using a virtual currency
The ITEX Retail Trade Exchange is the world’s largest retail trade and
barter exchange.
Equity trades are among the services offered. The future value of startup
companies can be used as a ‘currency’ to make necessary purchases for

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