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What’s your backup plan? Do you have one? I hope so, everyone needs one no matter where or how they live. Today I’ll discuss communication. A few weeks ago, we had a huge thunderstorm that knocked out the electricity where I live, that’s not such a problem for us because we are off-grid and make our own power, BUT it also knocked out our internet, that is our only source of communication as well as entertainment and other things.

Eventually the power came back on for the neighborhood, but the internet didn’t come back on for nearly 2 days. That is our local wireless internet that comes from 2 towns away, it’s some 40 miles away. I do have a cell phone, but it doesn’t work here, no signal, I can use it when I get out on the road, but for here, it’s useless. My backup for communication and internet is my neighbor, he has satellite internet and a landline phone.

I was able to take my tablet down to his place and at least check my email and do some other things online, I really dislike satellite internet, it’s slow, expensive and they meter your bandwidth (ie they give you X amount of data download per month, if you go over then they knock you back to dial up speed for the remainder of the month unless you pay extra to have your data bandwidth reset), but with that being said, I will say it’s pretty reliable, as long as you have power then you will have internet.

I have been trying to talk my neighbor into changing over to our wireless internet, but I’m just as happy he hasn’t because of times like this.

This is our setup, what would you do if your power went out or your internet went down? Are you prepared with a backup? Perhaps you could use a neighbor if they used a different internet provider, or chances are you could even go to a local store or restaurant, most of them have free wifi, I wouldn’t want to rely on that exclusively, but it’s good in a pinch.

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