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LED Lights are not just for Christmas – Affordable, Compact, and Bright!

Illuminate Your Off-Grid Adventures with a Tent Lamp Portable LED Light!

Compact, bright, long-lasting and economically affordable at just $13.99 in the US, these lights are tailored to brighten your outdoor experiences.

Unlike their Xmas counterparts, these LED lights rank high in portability due to their lightweight and compact design for backpackers and minimalists, can be effortlessly stowed in your gear, and emit a stunning 150 lumens –  sufficient to illuminate your entire campsite. Stumbling in the dark would be a thing of the past.

Click Here to get your very own Tent Lamp Portable LED Tent Light 4 Packs Hook Hurricane Emergency Lights Camping Lantern Bulb Camping Equipment for Hiking Backpacking Fishing Outage today and embark on a journey towards a more organized and clutter-free life.

These lights come equipped with hooks, offering versatile hanging options -m inside your tent for a cozy ambiance, attached to your backpack for hands-free hiking lighting or simply hook them to a nearby tree branch at your campsite. The choice is yours!

Being off-grid can be unpredictable and the last thing you’ll need is a gadget failing you midway through. Our LED lights are powered by three AAA batteries and promise long-lasting battery life offering hours of continuous illumination, so you don’t have to worry about running out of light.

Crafted meticulously, these lanterns are weather-resistant and shockproof. Be it heavy rain, gusty winds or even accidental drops, your Tent Lamp Portable LED Lights ensure continuous, bright and functional lighting in even the toughest outdoor conditions.

In an uncertain world, these portable LED lights double as hurricane emergency lights, acting as a lifeline in case of a power outage or natural disaster.

At an incredibly economical price of $13.99, you receive a pack of four lights. That’s enough to spread across your campsite or keep backups for emergencies.

The Tent Lamp Portable LED Lights bring to you the perfect blend of affordability, function, and durability. Don’t let lack of light limit your expeditions into the wilderness of the off-grid life. Illuminate your path, set up your cozy nooks under the stars and witness the beauty of off-grid living with our LED lights. Brands like LuminAID, BioLite, and Goal Zero stand tall along with these lights, offering you a wide range of options to choose from. Pack these lights, and you’re one step closer to experiencing the freedom that off-grid exploration has to offer. Now light up and live on!

Click Here to get your very own Tent Lamp Portable LED Tent Light 4 Packs Hook Hurricane Emergency Lights Camping Lantern Bulb Camping Equipment for Hiking Backpacking Fishing Outage today and embark on a journey towards a more organized and clutter-free life.

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While Eskom Collapses, S. African Banks Profit From Off-Grid

With the South African economy blighted by electricity blackouts, the nation’s banks are reporting record profits for 2022. Corporate and Investment Bank was first to announce it had been helped by one area of strong volumes for all the banks: financing off-grid electricity.

At Eskom, the CEO was sacked last month, 8 weeks after he survived a poisioning attempt. Andre de Ruyter, 54, issued a devastating indictment of governance under the ANC nearly three decades after the end of apartheid. Eskom has imposed rolling power cuts of up to 10 hours a day to keep the electricity grid from crashing. De Ruyter blames the power shortages on the failure of the ANC over many years to maintain coal-fired power stations that have an average age of 42 years.

He also blames sabotage. Criminal syndicates, he says, steal coal and infrastructure, including copper and aluminium cables, pylons and even bolts, to be melted down and resold. They also make more money by tendering for contracts to repair the damage they have done, he says. The father-of-three thinks criminal gangs plotted his murder.

A report by the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime, a Geneva-based body, last year highlighted the scale of the problem. “South Africa’s infrastructure is suffering from sustained and organised theft, mainly of copper, on an industrial scale.”

FirstRand was the first bank to report last week, showing profits up 15% Covid-19. “We will see even bigger records from the other major banks when they report over the next two weeks,” said Stuart Theobald of Intellidex. Standard Bank has guided the market to expect growth of 30%-35%, Nedbank 24%-29%, Absa 10%-15%.

This growth is not thanks to the general economy; that has been dismal. What banks want to see is businesses investing not to merely protect existing output, but to expand output, which is what much of the off-grid electricity investment is doing.

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Timber Festival UK – Review

Daisy Stella Baldwin reports from Leicestershire….

It was raining hard when we arrived at Timber Festival 2019; a three-day festival of music, arts and performance taking place​ in Feanedock within the National Forest.

Offering the chance to unplug and reconnect with nature, there were a whole host of off-grid delights waiting under the trees. Immersive theatre, world music, fireside talks and woodland wellness – the festival promised an opportunity to reflect and connect with other people and families living off-grid.

Run by the National Forest (Add link www.nationalforest.org/), the festival is an opportunity to demonstrate the vital work they do, turning what was once an area scarred by coal mining into a growing and thriving forest, the first to be created in England for over 1,000 years.

Unbowed by the rain, we installed ourselves in a cosy hammock beneath swaying birch trees and borrowed books from the little ‘Woodland library’. Safely nestled in our hammock, sheltered from the rain by the trees above, we were reminded that being close to nature is often a humbling experience, an invigorating contrast to the more comfortable lives we have carved out for ourselves in the city.

The weather quickly cleared up and we enjoyed a delightful festival of food, fun and fantasy that felt much longer than the two days we spent there. Certainly, returning to work on Monday I have never felt more peaceful and positive than after spending the weekend at Timber Festival, enjoying a great variety of vegan treats and hearing from a diverse range of speakers and performers. Food for thought as well as the body.


Otto & the Mutapa calling

We stumbled across this wonderful marimba band playing by the fire pit in the As the Crow Flies area. Dancing and playing music from Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe, they infused the audience with their joyful energy. Listening to these talented performers using only the power of their own voices and acoustic instruments was a magical moment of connection and celebration.

Wonderlandia forest spa

Now this was something special; a wholly mobile and outdoor spa experience, run completely off-grid. Slots were bookable on the day for £25, or £10 just to enter the sauna (cleverly built into a caravan). It felt incredibly luxurious to recline in the red cedar wood hot tub in the midst of the forest and was definitely a festival highlight. After a long soak in the tub we tumbled into the caravan sauna where we were shown how to add steam scented with eucalyptus oil and amp up the heat by whipping a cloth around above the stove. Sheer indulgent bliss.

The Oak Mobile

The very last experience we had, on our way out of the festival, was a trip inside the unusual ‘Oak mobile’ for a piece of ‘micro theatre’ run by Talking Birds. Joining a small group of seven …

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Clean a dog or a fish or yourself

A Shower in a box

If you need a portable shower, or a way of cleaning food or dishes – or even dogs –Clean a dog or a fish or yourself on the move, RinseKit is a portable, pressurized water tank with a hose hidden inside.

It opens like a toolbox. The company markets the $90 unit to surfers, fishermen, campers, and anyone who needs a spout off the grid.

You can fill it up at home or on the move, connecting the RinseKit to a garden hose with an included attachment piece. Add up to two gallons of tap water to the box, which then can be squirted out for a couple minutes before the reservoir goes dry.

No batteries are required, no pumping is involved. Water pressure from the tap is essentially transferred into the RinseKit. The box has a chamber that maintains about 65 psi of water pressure, guaranteeing a healthy spray.

Users who tested it out over a month were happy with the product. The RinseKit, invented by a surfer in California, is well-built and easy to use. It has come in handy across a range of outdoor activities.

At a beach, the hose is long enough for an ad hoc car shower. For camping you can use it to wash dishes. Or spray off a dirty mountain bike after a muddy trail day.

The hose head is a garden-style sprayer with settings from a light mist to a muddy-bike-cleaning “jet” mode. You do need to conserve the water, as it drains quickly on the high-power settings.

But its banked two gallons will last for up to three minutes of constant spray when set to a shower mode.

There’s a built-in ruler to measure fish. A solid handle folds up for carrying, and the hose coils to tuck inside when not in use.

The box weighs about 24 pounds when full of water. It sits in the back of a family van pressurized and at the ready.

For its price tag ($90) the RinseKit may seem a bit much for portable water. But it’s a treat for anyone tired of dealing with sand, grit, mud and other debris that a squirt or stream of water could easily wash away.

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Off-Grid art show in Dehli

The Anant gallery in Dehli had a group show last month called Living off the Grid. It was about ways to escape the many grids that circumscribe our lives.

Here are curator Meera Menezes notes on the show:

Like it or not, our lives are enmeshed in the intersecting lines of a Grid in the worlds both real and virtual.

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Off-Grid island for sale

Sunset at Sandbanks
Sunset view from Long Island

Its enough to make you long for an economic collapse. Long Island in Poole Harbour, Dorset, has gone on the market The uninhabited private island would be the perfect off-grid retreat, — it has no homes and there is no planning permission to build one, but normal people will not be able to afford to live there with offers of over

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Renewable energy stocks

The planet isn’t the only thing heating up because of climate change. We name the hottest renewable-energy stocks.

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Energy and global warming

The Intergovernmental Climate Change Panel’s 2007 low-end temperature prediction for this century is a 3.6

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Why no bottled water from Africa?

Two contrasting stories conterpoint the developing politics of water – an Africna river that needs work to continue to carry life-giving water to the people, and the new debate in the US about the amount of water we consume.

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