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Solar Power intro

Are you thinking of switching from conventional energy to solar power? A rooftop solar PV power plant is not only a money-saver, it can also generate cash by supplying excess power to neighbours or the local power company.
In No Name Key, the Florida community where money-grubbing locals recently stumped up $650,000 to bring Utility power onshore, the economics of solar power has been transformed. The existing solar homes will now be able to wring a hefty income from the Keys Utility company which has laid the cables into the island paid for by those who want to push up property prices.

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What if you lose your off-grid haven?

Billionaires go off-grid too – this private island is the ultimate luxury bug-out location

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Big Three: Waste, Water, and Electricity

Videos and links explaining the basic technologies behind off-grid living

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