Attenborough flick aims to “end waste”

Attenborough plugs video on Marr show
One of the most potent reasons for living off-grid is the amount of energy that is wasted by the grid. According to academic studies 32% of energy is lost in the transmission system between where it is generated and reaching the end user.

Sir David Attenborough appeared on BBC TV this morning to promote a film he made for Netflix, telling us we have one last chance to save our species. In the interview he urged people to “stop waste of any kind”, saying the world is precious and should be “celebrated and cherished”.

He added that Covid-19 was spread most quickly in the planet’s most densely populated areas – another reason to live in the areas of Exurbia most popular with off-gridders.

The broadcaster and naturalist warns humans have a “last chance” to change their behaviour and save the planet, as he urged politicians to address “the biggest problem humanity has ever faced”.

In an interview on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Attenborough, 93, said it will be the younger generation who will have to make changes because “they will be able to see the consequences of what they do”.

He added: “My lot are dying off and we are the ones that caused the problem.”

He suggested people should see the world and their time in it as precious, saying “that’s the fundamental attitude”.

He warned: “The world is not a bowl of fruit in which we can just take what we wish. We are part of it and if we destroy it we destroy ourselves.”

Asked what people can do to help protect the planet, Attenborough said: “Stop waste. Stop waste of any kind. Stop wasting power, stop wasting food, stop wasting plastic. Don’t waste, this is a precious world. Celebrate and cherish.”

He went on to say that his message to world leaders would be: “This is the last chance.

“There are short-term problems and long-term problems.

“A politician is tempted to deal with short-term problems all the time and neglect long-term problems.

“This is not only a long-term problem it is the biggest problem humanity has faced. Ever.

“Please examine it and please respond.”

Attenborough has worked with Netflix to produce an upcoming documentary called A Life On Our Planet which looks at the challenges facing earth and what can be done to address them.

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