Apocalypse Then

surivalcar* Hundreds of survivalists and ‘Preppers’ gathered in Salt Lake City last weekend to forestall the Apocalypse

* Shown underground bunkers, tactical weapons and an armed $2,500 Motoped Survival Bike

* Taught how to store food and dressed as zombies for special contest

Hundreds of survivalists and “preppers” were gathered in the Salt Lake City suburb of Sandy for the first PrepperCon, last friday, featuring demonstrations of underground bunkers, food storage and armoured vehicles.
Scott Stallings, one of the show’s founders, says the event was inspired by the success of ComicCon and is amping up the entertainment with the hope of attracting younger people who may not be enthusiasts of food storage and other survivalist strategies.

Among the expo’s main events is a zombie apocalypse costume contest and appearances by actors from the AMC hit show “The Walking Dead.”

During the two-day expo, visitors were shown specially-equipped underground bunkers, learned new methods of storing food, tried out solar powered flashlights, knives of all shapes and sizes, hi-tech gadgets, food storage units, first aid supplies and armored trucks. There were also live demonstrations and a survival cooking contest.

Motoped employee Ken Stone showed off the Motoped Survival Bike, described by the company as a ‘tactical blank canvas’ with a 500-mile range, 200mpg efficiency and a heavy-duty universal rack.


The Motoped Survival Bike is described as something in between a ‘hard-core downhill mountain bike and a fully-fledged motorcycle’.
It can be pedaled or motored without stopping to make a change, and can ‘go where stand alone bicycles or motorcycles can’t’.
Unit weight: 132 pounds
Range: 500 miles (805 km)
Efficiency: 200 mpg (1.2 L/100km)
Top speed: 24mph
Engine Displacement: 49cc / 125cc
Max Horsepower: 49cc – 2.41 HP @ 7500 RPM / 125cc – 7.78 @ 7500 RPM
Front Suspension: Adjustable DNM USD-8 Forks (8″ travel)
Rear Suspension: Adjustable DNM Burner – RCP2 Shock
Seat Height: 35″ (Adjustable)
Cost: $2,499
Source: Motoped
The $2,500 bike can be pedaled or motored without stopping to make a change, and can ‘go where stand alone bicycles or motorcycles can’t’.
But with a top speed of 24mph, could it outrun zombies?
The company certainly appears to think so. ‘This bike was built for the creative survivalist. Apply your favorite gear and escape with your life,’ an online description of the vehicle reads.
Following PrepperCon, Miller, 15, told KUTV that she thought the expo had been ‘really cool’ and that Salt Lake City was a ‘gorgeous’ region.
‘I enjoy meeting the fans and getting their perspective on the show,’ she added.
The North Carolina teenager was joined at the event on Saturday by her co-star, Theo Crane.
Celebrity survival expert Mykel Hawke, a retired U.S. Army Special Forces officer who is best known for his role on the reality TV series ‘Man, Woman, Wild’, also made an appearance.
On its website, PrepperCon describes a ‘Prepper’ as ‘a person who believes a major disaster or emergency is likely to occur in the future and makes active preparations for it.’
They do so by ‘stockpiling food, ammunition, and other supplies’, it says.
PrepperCon’s motto is ‘Prepare. Protect. Survive. Thrive.’
Scott Stallings, one of PrepperCon’s founders, said Utah made sense for the first expo because of the Mormon culture’s emphasis on self-reliance

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