A post-consumerist speaks: I HAD IT WITH THE MAN


Amanda Gang is weary of consumerism – appalled at the way her own parents are such avid shoppers.

She just wants out. so she is hoping to wander across the USA on a bicycle. She lives in Manhattan.

In this video, Amanda tells us she is looking for passionate and like minded people that feel her need to go living off the grid. She would like land, where she can just be and a community which will let her do what she likes to do and that is to get back to mother nature. This appeals to her and her friends.

She would like to attach herself to what her heart tells her where to be within a community that she relates with as gardening and building a home. She thought the art community was this but the four white walls and zero eye contact makes her think what her mind and heart tells her — that an alternative of living in contact with the earth is the answer.

This lady is starting from scratch and she is surrounded by a cycle of destruction where her body yearns for nature. She has to learn from trial and error.


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  1. Hey there Amanda,
    I totally feel what you are feeling and have felt for awhile…although I have tried to ignore my feelings they keep coming back and I feel like now in the new year I want to listen more to my gut and make the move that my heart desires to do. Also looking for like-minded people… I’m open for exchanging ideas and talking more.

  2. Hey there Amanda, is very appealing to get off the grid but also a community of like minded souls are needed. I have been looking around and there are communities, there are many in the Washington, Oregon area. It is also plentiful with the natural beauty of mother earth. I have not cycled across the country but I do cycle almost everywhere I go. It would be nice to have a serious talk with someone about going off the grid. You can have a conversation with a lot of people but since they don’t have any real desire then it is hard for them to really relate and for you to get good feedback. I would enjoy talking more about desires, goals…another moment. Daniel

  3. Amanda Gang how can I thank you.
    I feel 100% the way you do. I want to live exactly as you described. I am ready to make a move.
    I’m not sure who we can connect?

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